Can Summer Heat Cause Power Outages?

power outages

High demand on the grid can cause rolling power outages during the summer.

Losing electricity in your home can be a serious disruption to your day. Did you know that thunder and snow are not the only causes of power outages? It may not happen often, but occasionally a really hot day can overload the grid. And if you hadn’t already noticed, the Baltimore-Washington region is in for a hot and humid summer.

High Demand

When it starts to get hot inside your house, what do you do? You crank up the air conditioning, obviously, and so does everyone else. Transmission lines have the burden of carrying the power needed to run millions of air conditioners across the country. But transmission lines have their limits, and their capacities actually get worse as it gets hotter. When power lines are overburdened, heat causes them to expand and “sag”, which can result in a short circuit if the line comes into contact with tree limbs and branches. It’s also important to remember that lightning strikes are more common when it’s hot outside, and that can also cause an outage.

What to Do if the Power Goes Out

If the power goes out in your neighborhood during the summer, don’t panic. While rolling blackouts are becoming a more frequent phenomenon, utilities have become very efficient when it comes to restoring power. Drink plenty of water and try to stay cool. Flashlights, battery operated fans, and loose clothing are all good ideas. Don’t open your freezer or refrigerator unless you absolutely have to, as they’ll stay cold longer if you don’t let the cold air escape. Try to get rid of food that will spoil first.

Plan B

A backup or portable generator is also a great way to prepare for the inevitable summer blackout. If necessary, an extension cord can be run from the generator to your appliances, but you should take extreme caution. Do not position a portable generator near an air conditioning unit, as they release carbon monoxide, the silent killer gas. Another good idea is simply to hit the road. Many commercial locations like grocery stores have their own generators that will keep them operational even during a power outage.

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