Converting a Light Switch to an Outlet

If you are updating a kitchen or creating a new home office, then you might encounter a situation where you want to add an outlet in place of an existing light switch. Perhaps you need to swap out a light switch for an outlet in your kitchen backsplash, or add an outlet near a new bookcase, office hutch, or credenza.

We first recommend a search for lighting contractors near me, because with anything involving electrical wiring, there are dangers and risks. Even when something seems simple, an incorrect wire could spell disaster for a homeowner. It’s always better to act safely for you and your family.

However, if you have had some electrical training and are familiar with wiring projects, then you might decide on this project as a DIY.  Below are the steps that a lighting contractor would follow.

Identify the circuits.  Determine what the circuits control and add a post-it note if you need a reminder next to those switches.

Turn off the power. Go to the breaker box and turn off power to the entire area that you will be working on.

Open the wall switch and inspect. Gently unscrew the cover, pull out the switch and label the wires that are connected. Usually, red and black wires are live wires and the white wire is neutral. Be aware that your home may have different wiring colors.

Connect the outlet.  Remove the wires from the switch and correctly attach them to the outlet properly. Be careful not to reverse the hot and neutral wires, since the consequences could be “shocking.” Also note that if your switch was not working to begin with, then it was wired incorrectly from the start.  So, you may want to call an electrician from the start.

Trust an expert electrician.  Let Haramis Electric, a professional company who prides themselves by exceeding expectations on every job, help you with any electrical project for your house, large or small. Indoor as well as outdoor lighting is important, and safety is the primary factor for all lighting decisions. Haramis Electric will first survey your home’s existing system to ensure all the lighting meets every safety requirement and that your current connections are correct. If not, our expert electricians will fix what needs to be fixed before moving forward.

When it comes to searching and calling on “lighting contractors near me,” reach out to Haramis Electric, Southern Anne Arundel County’s most trusted electrical contractor for residential services. We’re a local business. Haramis guarantees professional service and expertise that other companies simply can’t offer. Call for a free estimate at 410-451-0200.

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