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When you are looking for an electrician in Severn MD 21144 you want a great value.  We’re able to help with both residential and commercial electrical projects.  Our ongoing training allows us to solve many of the complex electrical issues.  We also work on the basic needs like fixing or replacing a light, outlet or switch.  We’ve grown tremendously to bring the solutions and needs for an electrician in Severn homes and businesses.  One of the reasons we’ve grown is our professional attitude and expanding reputation for 5 star reviews levels of work.   We see Severn growing as well, the population has grown almost 26% in a decade.  We know the needs and have experience solving these needs of new homes and updating existing homes and businesses in Severn.


Electrician in Severn MD


Electrician in Severn MD 21144

With decades of combined experience we get calls for homeowners looking to renovate or remodel.  Along these same electrical needs we can help with building additions.  Both homes and businesses expand and need a little upgrade.  Sometimes our Severn electricians help with a home which is finishing a basement or updating a room like the kitchen or bathroom.  Other times we are helping to expand a business with specialty equipment to help the business become more efficient.  It’s a good feeling for our electricians to provide solutions for safety hazards like overloaded circuits, aluminum to copper conversions and circuit panel solutions.

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Being a Nest Certified Installer we help with new, efficient solutions for many home and business needs.  If you are looking for a Nest installer give us a call. Our experience with Nest means your installation and use will be simplified.  Being locally owned and operated means that you will get to know us personally.  When you need an electrician to come into your home or business it’s important that they know the system and to be polite and professional.  We bring family values and respect with every electrical project for Severn and all of Anne Arundel County Maryland.

Electrician in Severn MD


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You may see any one of the many Haramis Electric vehicles bringing electrical solutions in Severn.  We are locals so you may see us on the local Severn roads like; 175 Annapolis Road, WB&A, Burns Crossing, Ridge, Reece, Quarterfield, Route 100, 176 Dorsey to the North, 170 Telegraph road splits down the middle of Severn or Route 32 makes the southern edge of Severn.  We may be wiring circuits for your friends or neighbors to enjoy an upgrade in the laundry room.  Perhaps we’ll be installing motion detection lighting for the inside of a local business or the outdoor lighting of a home or business in the Severn neighborhoods of Andorick Acres, Seven Oaks, Cutler Ridge, Alberta Heights or Harmans.

Electrician in Severn MD

No matter your electrical needs we are here to bring solutions.  Keeping you safe with an upgrade – or having your home or business make a great first impression with outdoor lighting updates, our Severn Electricians with decades of combined experience start with a Free Estimate at 410-451-0200


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