Residential Generator Installation

Nobody likes a power outage. Not only are they frustrating and annoying, they’re also potentially dangerous and even life threatening. If you or a loved one depends on electric medical devices to live, a power outage can be the difference between life and death. If you rely on electric heating and air conditioning, a power outage during a brutal cold snap or tortuous heatwave can mean severe health problems in addition to a profound lack of comfort. We proudly provide generator installation to help with your electricity back-up needs.

Generator Installation and Back Up Electricity

Backing up your electrical supply with home generators gives you peace of mind in the worst storms. In the Crofton area and Southern Anne Arundel County, where our weather can be as unpredictable as it’s unforgiving, residential generators are a smart investment. Haramis Electric is happy to install standby or portable generators, depending on your personal preference, your neighborhood’s restrictions, the size of your home, and what appliances you want to keep functional, we’ll recommend the right selection for you.

Haramis Electric is Proud to Sell Generac Generators

It goes without saying that when you’re looking for a generator, you want one you can trust and rely on through the worst possible weather conditions. Haramis Electric is a proud distributor of Generac generators. Generac generators are the industry standard, and ensure that your life is not disrupted by weather. Our expert installation and wiring combined with their unsurpassed product will provide you the peace of mind you’ve always longed for.

The Haramis Electric Difference

One of the key elements when installing a generator for your home in Crofton, MD or anywhere in Southern Anne Arundel County is trust. You need to trust that the contractor you hire to ensure that your power never goes out is committed to getting the job done right.

At Haramis Electric, we’re not only extremely professional and knowledgeable, we’re your neighbors. Our team is 100 percent local, giving you the security of knowing that we aren’t finished until everything is completed to your satisfaction. If at any time you need further assistance with your generator, we’ll be at your door immediately upon your call.

For more information about residential generators, please call us at 410-451-0200 or contact us for a free estimate.