Real Estate Electrical Inspection Repairs

It’s hard to imagine anything more important than your home’s safety – including (and most especially) from catastrophic fires caused by a faulty electrical system. In Crofton, Haramis Electric is the name you should remember when you need an electrical inspection for real estate or buying a home.

Safety Electrical Inspection for Buying/Selling a Home

When you’re buying a new home in Southern Anne Arundel County, you should have 100 percent assurance that the house’s electrical system is up to code and poses no hazards. At Haramis Electric, we wouldn’t dream of letting you move into an unsafe house.

And if you’re selling a house, we can provide your prospective buyers with the elevated peace of mind that comes with a full electrical inspection. Our inspections are guaranteed to be thorough, complete, and correct. There is nothing more important to us than your home’s safety.

Electrician for home inspection Crofton

The Completeness of Haramis Electrical Inspections

Your Haramis Electric electrical inspection will determine the source of your home’s electrical service, which will either be overhead wires or underground wires. Our inspectors know what to look for where the wires meet the home’s electrical wiring, including an examination of the electrical meter. A simple visual inspection is made of your home’s system disconnect to ensure its existence, and then an estimation will be made of the wiring material used – along with amperage and voltage.

For safety reasons, your electrical system must be grounded. Your inspector will note how and where the ground exists, then look at the main electrical panel, noting its type and overall condition. We’ll remove the panel cover and observe the condition of circuit wires, then report on the visual condition of supply and circuit wiring.

Inside, your inspector will make a thorough observation of wiring that runs from the main circuit panel to outlets and appliances in the home. Your home electrical inspection report will identify fire and other safety dangers and instances where you have inadequate wiring for your outlets and appliances being run.

Crofton Electrician for Home Inspection

The Haramis Electric Difference

While safety is always the first priority in any electrical contracting work, it takes particular precedence during an electrical safety inspection. The difference between a complete, detail-oriented inspection and one that lacks those qualities could hardly be starker.

In Crofton and throughout Southern Anne Arundel County, you can trust the professionals at Haramis Electric to ensure that no stone in your safety inspection is left unturned. You’ll not only receive our trademark professionalism and superior expertise, but you’ll also be able to rest comfortably knowing that we’re your neighbors and feel a personal stake in every safety inspection we perform.

For more information about real estate inspection electrical repairs, please call us at 410-451-0200 or contact us for a free estimate.