Electric Panel Upgrades

Electrical panel CroftonWhat’s more annoying than lights flickering all over your house? Or outlets that don’t work? Not much, if you think about it. And these may not simply be glitches, they could be dangerous. If you spot these signs, it could very well mean that your main electrical panel is damaged, which could lead to fire. You may need¬†electric panel upgrades or replacement!

There are several issues that could cause damages to your panel, and Haramis Electric can expertly fix them all. While we’re not generally in the habit of criticizing our fellow electricians, the truth is that one of the most common reasons for panel damage is faulty workmanship. Your electrical panel is delicate and precise equipment that needs proper and regular maintenance, with the correct installation of all breakers and wires. Haramis Electric specializes in installing the proper material and ensuring all installations are safe and up to code.

Do You Need a Electric Panel Upgrades?

Unfortunately, many breakers are not installed correctly and often times they’re not even the correct ones for the home. Proper breaker installation is required by your panel manufacturer, Underwriters Laboratories, and the National Fire Protection Agency. Sometimes a full-panel replacement is unnecessary, and rejuvenation will suffice. Rejuvenation includes all new manufacturer required breakers, all new connections inside your equipment, as well as a full panel labeling so you know what each breaker does. Either way, if you live in Southern Anne Arundel County, Haramis Electric will ensure you get the service you need.

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The Haramis Electric Difference

Given that the stakes are so high for panel replacement, it could hardly be more important for the job to be done right the first time. At Haramis Electric, we work tirelessly to ensure that your panel is up to code. Our job isn’t complete until you’re satisfied, and we provide the peace of mind that only comes from working with your neighbors.

Because our team is completely local to the Crofton area and Southern Anne Arundel County, we get you in ways that larger regional and national contractors simply cannot. We know the area backward and forwards because we live here, too. We don’t want to simply be the best electrical contractor you can hire, we want to be good neighbors. None of our contractors are salesman, and their commitment to excellence shows.

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For more information about electrical panel upgrades, please call us at 410-451-0200 or contact us for a free estimate.