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As an electrician in Bowie MD, Prince George’s County, Maryland we have great results in keeping houses safe.  Many Bowie homes and businesses have electrical wiring issues and need an experienced electrician to convert Aluminum wiring to Copper wiring.  Another major issue Bowie electricians is replacing Dangerous out-dated Electrical Panels.  Both of these electrical issues need an experienced electrician to solve the issue correctly and bring the Bowie house, business or commercial building up to code and increase safety. 

We have extensive experience as trusted electricians in Bowie and all Prince Georges County in fixing Aluminum wiring and Electric Breaker Panel issues.  If you have any questions about your Bowie MD home give our Electricians a call for a FREE Estimate: 410-451-0200

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If you live in one of the areas / Neighborhoods in Bowie Maryland and need a trusted Electrician contact us for service with Family Values and Experience real results:  Mitchellville, Woodmore, Overbrook, Idlewild, Holmehurst, Fairwood, Heather Hills, Old Town Bowie, Woodmore, Hardesty, Brookland, Capitol Colleg, Holmehurst, Enterprise Rd, Lottsford Rd, Central Ave, Enterprise Rd, Crain Hwy, Mount Oak Rd, Huntington, Bowie State U, High Bridge Estates, Springfield, Lottsford Vista Rd, Bald Hill R, City Center, Crain Hwy – Annapolis Rd, High Bridge Estates / Springfield, Kembridge Dr / Keswick Ln, Elmcrest Ln – Enders Ln, Central Ave – Southlakes Dr, Lottsford Vista Rd – Bald Hill Rd, Race Track Rd – Idlewild Dr, Central Ave – Enterprise Rd, Annapolis Rd – Laurel Bowie Rd, Sherwood Manor.

We provide Residential and Commercial Electrical repairs in and around Bowie’s Parks: Allen Pond Park and Foxhill Park.

Our experience as electricians in Bowie has helped around Historic places in Bowie like: Belair Belair Mansion, Belair Stables, Bowie Railroad Buildings, Boyden House, Fair Running – Maenner House, Fairview Plantation, Don S. S. Goodloe House, Governor’s Bridge, Harmon-Phelps House, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Holy Trinity Church Rectory, Ingersoll House, Knights of St. John Hall, Melford, Mitchellville Storekeeper’s House and Store, Ryon House, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Albert Smith House, St. James Episcopal Chapel, Straining House, Williams Plains, Pleasant Prospect.

While most of Bowie is in the zip codes 20715, 20716,  Our Electricians also service homes and businesses in Bowie Zip Codes: 20717, 20720, 20721, 20718, 20719.

Electrician in Bowie MD

Please enjoy just a few of the many electrical repairs and installations we have done as an electricians in Bowie MD, Prince Georges County, Maryland

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Electrician in Bowie MD

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Bowie Electricians 20716 Zip Code

Our Bowie Electricians have seen a lot of rain and wind over the last few days.  That rain has pooled up and in some cases cause power outages in Bowie.  We can help with all your residential and commercial electrical needs.  If you would like to be prepared for a power outage with a residential “emergency” backup generator give us a call.  Our electricians have the experience and industry connections to make your home generator go smoothly.

If you have someone in your home (or a frequent visitor) who depends on the electric to stay healthy with medical equipment we can help.  Not only do we work with generators we also can help with older homes which have aluminum wiring and needs for Copper wiring conversions.  These older homes can occasionally have a undersized circuit panel and wiring circuits.  Our Bowie electricians can help with all your home and business electrical needs.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate for your electrical project for a trusted “5/5 Star reviews” electrician. 410-451-0200

Electrician in Bowie MD


Electrician in Bowie MD – Feb 22nd 2019

Security and Safety

Our Bowie Electricians have great experience helping home and business owners with increasing their security and safety.  Outdoor lighting may be the first thing that comes to mind and that is a good step.  Allowing light to shine in the darkness means that friendly people visiting have a safe place to step and can see the walkways, steps and doors. Unwelcome visitors will get a warning with a well lit business or home front.  Motion sensor lighting can help to bring the appearance of someone being home and turning on the lights when someone approaches.

Electrician in Bowie MD


Security can also come in the form of cameras, and security systems in Bowie Maryland.  We can install many systems like the “Nest” system of cameras.  If you have an existing system we can help with wiring new locations and circuit panel upgrades to handle the new load and needs.  Security can come in the form of a safer electrical panel, aluminum wiring replacement and GFCI outlets.  Loose wiring can cause sparks and heat at termination points like outlets, junction boxes, switches and the panel itself.  Aluminum wiring has a long history in Bowie and we can help with conversion.

Give us a call for all your Bowie, Maryland electricians needs including a Free Estimate 410-451-0200 .  Check our 5 star reviews or ask a Bowie neighbor, chances are our electricians have helped one of them already.

Electrician in Bowie MD – Feb 15th 2019

Bowie weather has been ever changing this winter and our electricians have helped.  That change in temperature, wind ice and snow means power outages and tripped breakers in many homes and businesses.  High winds are effecting older outdoor lights.  You can see hanging lights swinging and over time wires can be effected from the friction.  Pole lights have been hit by shovels, and even snow plows.

Post Lighting in Crofton

We can help with all your Bowie electrician needs, including outdoor lighting and outlets.  Freezing ground can expand and eventually “wear” the wires thin.  Before the rush of spring it’s a great move to put in those outdoor outlets needed to help with yard work and enjoy your outdoor spaces.  Often we will get a request from a Bowie business or home owner who has created an outdoor space, patio, deck or pool area and not thought of just how much time and fun it is.  When family gathers outdoors by the pool on the deck or other space they want to charge phones, listen to music and plug in appliances.  If you are planning an outdoor space for the spring or already have a space that needs a few outlets, lights or even a ceiling fan give us a call and get on the schedule now.  Free Estimates 410-451-0200


Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Feb 8th 2019

Indoor and outdoor lighting is important for your Bowie home or business.  We can help with all your electrical contracting needs but without lighting it can be a show stopper.  Safety is a great concern in the electrical world.  Good lighting is not only safety in the flow of electricity but also in the way that it allows us to walk safely and see things that we should find or avoid.  Residential, Business and Commercial lighting is not a problem with a trusted, experienced electrician in Bowie, Maryland.  If you have any concerns don’t hesitate to call because we offer a Free Estimate 410-451-0200

Bowie Electrician for Lighting

Allow our industry connections to bring you superior solutions for your home, business and commercial needs in Bowie, MD.  We test 100% and bring your great service with personal attention to the details of lighting, outlets, fans, circuit, wiring, aluminum to copper replacement and circuit panel upgrades, repair and installations.  We’ve helped with so many, allow our Bowie, Maryland electricians to serve you as well.

Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Feb 1st 2019

With REALLY cold temperatures this week our Bowie, Maryland Electricians have helped with wiring, lighting, outlets, circuit panel breaker boxes and motion sensors.  High winds can trigger trees to fall, electric to go out and the need for an “emergency” standby generator.  As industry leading electrical contractors we can help you with all of these as well.  Whether you are a business or home owner it’s important to have a trusted electrician you can call when you need help.  A remodel or renovation in any part of the house or business will most likely need an electrician.

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You can save a lot of money, time and effort when working with great contractors.  Electricians are especially important as code needs to be followed for your project to go smoothly and to keep your family, customers and visitors safe.  Speaking with an experienced Bowie electrician early in the project means savings so you don’t have to change designs, layout or move entire walls to save money.  Keep your project on task, on budget and on time with a trusted Bowie Electrician.  We can help, check our 5 Star Reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp and all across the internet.  Then give us a call for a Free Estimate and allow us to make your electrical contracting go smoothly. 410-451-0200

Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Jan 25th 2019

Kitchen Remodel

Bowie has some tremendous home and businesses and we’ve been fortunate enough to help with remodeling some of those kitchens.  Getting to know a trusted contractor, like a Bowie electrician can have a great impact on your home remodel project.  Speaking and planning early can help to save money in the long run.  Changes to construction can be expensive so knowing a good electrician that works well with other contractors, inspectors and general contractors is a great advantage.

Bowie MD, Electrician

We’ve all heard of nightmare stories where “fly by night” contractors start a job and the homeowners are left with an unfinished project and bills to pay.  We’ve been in central Maryland for years and built a great reputation for quality electrical contracting.    Working well with others means your kitchen or other room remodel can go smoother, save you money and take advantage of our industry connections.  Under cabinet lighting, special outlets, special wiring needs for that fancy new oven, overhead lighting, adding an island… We’ve worked on amazing kitchen projects, from simple to extravagant we can help with trusted results from our trusted electricians for Bowie Maryland.  Call and we’ll get you a Free Estimate, 410-451-0200

Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Jan 18th 2019

New and Existing Updates & Upgrades for your Electrical Needs

Our central Maryland electricians are ready to perform tenant fit outs for commercial & businesses in Bowie Maryland. Haramis electricians specializes in fulfilling many of your electrical needs. We provide services ranging from a single light, outlet, and circuit to a complete system. This involves the steps from design to installation. Our team of highly trained and licensed electricians can accommodate your home or business’s electrical needs. Whether indoors or out, we’ve got you covered. In addition to installing new electrical systems, we can also upgrade existing systems or troubleshooting where there may be issues- we handle it all. Our Maryland electricians work closely with our Bowie clients to ensure we are providing and meeting their electrical needs. We strive to get the job done right on time and on budget.  We makes sure everything works 100%!

Bowie Maryland Electricians


Within our resources, Haramis Electric has specialized equipment that enables our team to provide services other companies cannot handle. As building codes change, we continue to offer state-of-the art electrical services, ensuring our clients get the best service possible. We value our client’s time and know that having your business’s electrical needs taken care of by professionals is of utmost importance. Our Bowie and central Maryland Electricians will work to earn and keep your trust, providing you with great installations and equally great fixes.  Let us help you become more efficient with a Free Estimate 410-451-0200


Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Jan 11th 2019

New Construction or Remodel

If you’re looking for a team of electricians in Bowie that you can rely on for all of your current and future electrical needs, then give our experienced electricians a call. Whether you’re looking to repair, replace, renovate or building new construction we can be your year round resource. We’ve lent our services to towns all over Anne Arundel county for years and have been rehired and referred many times. We’re a dependable group that can resolve any electrical headaches you may have. For homeowners looking to buy we can perform a safety inspection to ensure that a potential new home won’t present you with any electrical problems. For those looking to remodel we offer a unique experience and can handle unique requests and solutions.

Bowie Electrician services


If you’re an owner of an older home our Bowie electricians can perform an upgrade of your circuit panel. Many older homes have unsafe electrical panels and will no longer keep you safe with the load and code in Bowie. These electrical panel upgrades will ensure that your house can sufficiently power all of your modern appliances. We can fix switches and outlets. If you’re having issues with power surges or power loss, we can repair issues with a circuit panel box. We even do work outside of the home, installing lights and outlets outdoors and in the garage. If you’re a business owner we can perform LED retrofits or install new circuits so you can power more equipment at once. To learn about all of the ways that we can help make your life easier and more efficient check out our residential electrical services page, you’ll be glad you did. If any of the work we do sounds like something you’re interested in for your own home, then make sure to talk to a Bowie electrician right away.
Free Estimates, 410-451-0200


Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Jan 4th 2019

Dining Room Remodel

When you have to draft a layout, purchase the materials, and install fixtures, a room redesign can quickly become an intensive project. Our Bowie electricians can assist you from start to finish, so that you never feel alone in the process. When you’re investing time and money into a project like this you want to make sure that everything is done correctly so that it’s worth all of your effort. That’s why it’s important to work with dependable professionals who will handle each step with care.

Bowie Electrician Lighting

Our team of electricians will guide you through everything, so that you can feel good and be informed about all of your decisions. You’ll be confident in the end that every piece was installed correctly and that you have a room you can enjoy for years to come. One area of many areas of the home our Bowie electricians can help with is the dining room. From replacing old fixtures to installing new light sources, we can make sure the lighting fits perfectly with the design of the room.

Haramis Electric Reviews Electrical contractor Crofton


We often find that customers like to have a chandelier or some sort of pendant light installed above the table or kitchen island. No problem! Our savvy, experienced staff can handle all installations, so no matter what type of lighting you choose they’ve got you covered. Regardless of where you are in the redesign process our licensed electricians can provide you with their input to help things go a little smoother. We’ll help you find the lighting fixtures and arrangement that work best with the design and size of the room. Reach out to a Bowie electrician today so you can start discussing your dining room remodel.  Free Estimates 410-451-0200


Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Dec 28th 2018

For our Bowie, Maryland electricians the phrase “safety first” is definitely true. We value our customers’ safety above all else. This is why we take the time to make sure that all of our installations are done properly, ensuring that we leave homes better off than how we found them. Another way we promote this “safety first” mentality is by offering home safety examinations. These inspections allow us to check in with your house and ensure that everything is working properly. If it is, then you can resume your daily life, feeling at ease that everything is as it should be. After an inspection if we do find any issues, then we will quickly bring them to your attention so that we can go over what a good plan of action would be. Either way, in the end, you’ll feel more confident with your home’s electrical system. These professional, experienced checks involve some of the most important aspects of your home’s system.

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Our Bowie electricians will check your smoke detectors to make sure that they are working, as well as any GFCI outlets you may have installed. Two additional important things we look over is your circuit panel box and your wiring for aluminum to copper safety. This is the control center of your home’s electricity, so it’s even more important to get a thumbs up that everything is in working order. If you suspect any issues with part of your home’s electricity, or you’d just like to get some verification that everything is working as it should be, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with our Bowie, MD electricians today. Free Estimates 410-451-0200


Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Dec 21st 2018

Our Bowie electricians are here to lend their services to help you complete a variety of electrical projects. One request we are asked to fulfill is the installation of a bathroom exhaust fan. This may not be the most common thing that customers are making appointments for, but we are still more than qualified to do the job. Exhaust fans are an important addition in bathrooms because they help to get rid of the moisture and humidity that can build up after hot showers. While the benefits of this may not seem obvious right away, they can help to prevent the growth of mold. This will protect your walls and cabinetry from getting ruined, which will aid in prolonging the life of your bathroom.

Electricians Bowie MD

If you’re looking to install or replace a fan, then our Bowie electricians can help you decide on the best variety for the job, which will be dependent on your designs ideas and the size of the bathroom. After you’ve made your decision, we can handle the installation so that your bathroom is in working order in no time. Never be hesitant to ask our technicians about any project commercial or residential electrical that you have in mind. If it’s not listed on our website we can still work with you to figure out how you can accomplish it. For help on your next electrical project, call one of our Bowie electricians today. Free Estimates 410-451-0200


Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Dec 14th 2018

Having a new home constructed or renovation is no easy feat and it’s definitely a big investment. Our Bowie Maryland electricians can work within your budget to make sure that you’re getting the most for what you want to pay. Whether you’re having a new home built or are looking to build an office space for your company, we can support you throughout the process. We can go over the plan for the space and help you decide which electrical layout will be most beneficial for each room. Where outlets will be most effective, which rooms will require a fan, what type of lighting is best– these are just a few of the things we can determine. There’s a lot to consider when setting up an electrical layout.

Bowie Electricians for Renovations

With the assistance of our Bowie Maryland electricians you’ll be confident that you’re not forgetting about anything important. Changes to construction projects can be costly. With out decades of experience we can help to save you money with forward thinking even before construction begins. Our services extend from the planning to the installation, so you’ll have support and guidance every step of the way. When you have a knowledgeable technician lending their expertise the work becomes easier and you can rest assured that everything will be done properly. When taking on the construction of a new home or renovation you need to make sure that you’re working with the right people. Our accomplished technicians have years of experience working throughout Anne Arundel county and are positive that they can help you accomplish all of your electrical goals. If you’re looking to have a home or office built, or are even looking to add on or have a room renovated, then consult with a Bowie Maryland electrician today. Free Estimates at 410-451-0200

Electricians in Bowie Maryland – Dec 7th 2018

ITE Pushmatic electrical panels and circuit breakers are obsolete. They do not have a main circuit breaker, which
is very unsafe. Replacement circuit breakers are hard to find and when you can, they are expensive. The design
of these old electrical panels also makes it impossible to add new circuits and loads to the already limited spaces
in the panel

Bowie MD electric panel pushmatic dangerous

Just because your electrical panel is working, doesn’t mean it’s fit for the job. Talk with a Bowie, MD electrician about checking up on your panel and seeing if you’d benefit from an upgrade. An electrical panel upgrade will give your house power, which is definitely useful when you think about how much electricity home’s today use. While you may not currently be noticing any issues, your system could be straining to power all of the appliances in your house. In Bowie substandard circuit breaker panels exist in older homes, an upgrade would increase your efficiency and make your home safer.

You should consider having an electrical panel upgrade if your house is older.  If you’ve installed new, large appliances, like a washer or dryer. Our Bowie, MD electricians would also suggest upgrades to homeowners who have just had their house remodeled or had an addition built. These things can definitely take a toll on your home’s power supply. If you haven’t had anything installed or added on, but are planning to in the near future, then talk with a electrician. They may recommend a “heavy up” replacing your existing panel with a one that meets code and brings safety to your Bowie home or business. Once you have the update you’ll be good to go and you can safely make your home renovations without fear of an electrical accident occurring after knowing that your panel is not up to Prince Georges County standards. Our Bowie, MD electricians can inspect or upgrade your electrical panel. If you’re thinking it may be time to have a check, then call today to trusted results. Free Estimates:  410-451-0200

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