Why Become an Electrician?


There are many benefits that come from seeking a job as an electrician.

Are you seeking a job that offers something new every day, great job benefits, and excellent career potential? Working with electricity could provide you with the stimulation you desire without the debt and insecurity that many other job seekers face. Here are some illuminating reasons you should consider becoming an electrician.

No Debt, Tons of Training

Since electricians learn through apprenticeships and on the job training, you can learn while you earn. Instead of taking out massive student loans, sitting through years of classes, and then embarking on your job search, you can avoid all three. You will also learn practical skills that will aid you in choosing a home for your family and protecting yourself from electric shock and fire.


While many job fields hire and fire depending on the rise and fall of the stock market, electricians aren’t an unnecessary expense. Beyond being a constant need, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for electricians will increase over the next ten years with 114,700 new jobs being created. This 20% increase in demand is significantly higher than the increase in demand for other job fields.

Demand for quality electricians will always be there. New construction, houses, businesses, schools, and even government organizations rely on electricians to keep their buildings and systems working properly. Even as eco-friendly and green electricity alternatives gain popularity, electricians are still needed to incorporate other power sources into homes and businesses.

Work Today

Demand for electricians won’t just be there in ten years, it is there today. The need for skilled and trained tradesmen and tradeswomen continues to grow across America as many skilled trade workers are retiring. Due to the popularity of other job sectors and the social pressure to enter college directly after high school, there are not the trade workers to replace them. Electricians have higher entry-level pay than many other industrial trades, with the average electrician pulling in almost $50,000 a year.

Beyond simply securing a job, electricians have opportunities for growth throughout their careers. Many service technicians become field managers, operation managers, and eventually distribution managers for their companies. Unlike sectors that have hubs in large cities across America, electricians can work anywhere across the country.

Considering Becoming an Electrician?

Haramis Electric is an Anne Arundel County-based electrical contracting company that hires and trains expert electricians. We offer both residential and commercial services for clients throughout Maryland. Haramis Electric provides incomparable service that will give you the electrical work you need without pushing you over your budget. Request a free estimate online or by calling 410-451-0200. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Houzz to see our updates and more of what it’s like to be an electrician!


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