Using Full-spectrum Lighting to Brighten Your Life at Home

When it comes to home décor and design, lighting is a key element in any space. A great way to light a room and brighten your home is to use full spectrum lighting.

In short, full spectrum lighting tries to replicate natural day light. Those who work from home or spend a lot of time there can benefit even more from this lighting. So, here are three advantages to using full spectrum lighting:

  • More accurate colors. Full spectrum lights provide a more accurate or consistent appearance of true colors. This accuracy is also referred to as color rendition and the reason an object’s color appears one way at the store under florescent light but then looks different inside your home.
  • More beneficial to your health. While somewhat inconclusive, studies have observed that there is a link between exposure to natural daylight and our biological processes related to alertness, sleepiness and overall mood. The more natural light, the more positive the effect on our brain, including reducing the affects from seasonal affective disorder and depression. Brighter, natural light will also work to stabilize your circadian rhythm so that you become more productive, focused and energized, and therefore more tired at night.
  • More energy savings. Since full spectrum lighting uses less energy than traditional light sources while providing the same quality of lighting in your home, you can lower your carbon footprint and save on your electric bills.

If you are ready to place full spectrum lighting into your home, the best way is to consult your electrical service provider about the wide variety of full-spectrum lighting products that are available. By searching for “lighting contractors near me,” you can speak with someone who will explain the pros and cons of the different options including light bulbs, lamps, and light filters, and help you decide what is best.

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