Why You Should Upgrade Your Home’s Security Equipment

Security Camera

Security cameras provide your home with another layer of protection against intruders.

Think of home security like an onion, the more layers you have the harder it will be to reach the center. While a fence might serve as a physical and psychological barrier against intruders, your home’s security is only as good as the equipment you’ve installed. According to a report by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, as much as 60% of burglars who have been convicted confessed that the presence of security features convinced them to target another home. Security equipment like motion detectors and security cameras can go a long way toward protecting your home.

Motion Detectors

Motion sensors are the linchpin of any good home security system. It’s the primary device that will detect an intruder and alert you to their presence. Motion sensors can employ multiple technologies to detect movement in an area. The biggest advantage motion detectors provide is they can activate lights when you are not home, giving the illusion that someone is there. Motion detectors are incredibly cost effective, so even if you can’t afford to upgrade your whole home’s security system, motion detectors can be a worthwhile investment. Most motion detectors are also pet-immune, so you won’t have to worry about your dog or cat tripping the system.

Security Cameras

Advances in video recording and network technologies have made home surveillance cameras much more affordable and appropriate for home use. With a security camera, you can view inside and outside your home, anytime and anywhere. Not only do security cameras serve as an effective deterrent against burglars, they can provide the police with useful information if a theft does occur. Most burglaries actually occur between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm, meaning that security lighting may not always be enough to deter criminals. A surveillance camera is another layer to protect your home. Another added benefit of security cameras is that you can use them to keep an eye on children, elderly, or pets when they’re home alone. Most major homeowner’s insurance providers will also offer a lower premium if your property is protected with a professionally-installed security monitor.

Security Equipment from Haramis Electric

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