Types of Commercial Lighting for Your Business


Commercial Electrical Lighting Installation and maintenance

Do you need lighting for your commercial property? Find your options here.

Are you thinking about investing in new lighting options for your business? Well, you have a few options. Before you invest, however, you should think about what you want these lights to do other than simply light your business’s area. Do you want them to ward off criminals? Do you want them to add a sense of beauty? Think about the reason you are investing in these lights because that is going to make a big difference in the lights you choose. Are you ready to learn about your lighting options? Well, let’s do it!

Cost-efficient lighting might be right for you.

When it comes to cutting costs, you can always turn to incandescent lighting. These lights are often used in desk lamps and other home fixtures, so you’re probably already familiar with them. They do have a shorter life span than most other types of bulbs, but they do provide a cheaper option if you need them to. Compact florescent lights are a more energy-efficient alternative to incandescent lights, but they will cost a bit more.

Green lights are also great for commercial lighting.

The most popular option in commercial lighting is the florescent light. Unlike the compact option, standard florescents are a bit brighter and you may not need as many to do the job. You should also consider halogen lights if you need floor or pathway lighting. These highly efficient little bulbs are excellent for most outdoor applications. They can also be used as display lights due to their amazing brightness, but if you want to go even brighter then consider the metal halides. These big bright bulbs really pack a punch. They are commonly used in industrial situations, but if you need a bright light, then they will get the job done.

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