Tips for Electrical Safety After a Flood

electrical safety

A flooded basement is an electrical safety hazard. Call an electrician immediately!

It’s been a wet summer for the Baltimore-Washington region, and flooding is becoming a significant problem for many home and business owners. While you might be in a hurry to get things back to normal after a disaster, it’s good to proceed with caution when it comes to electrical safety. Here are a few tips to keep you safe.

Never enter a flood-damaged or flood-filled basement

Even if you’ve lost power, a flooded basement can shock you if someone is running a generator nearby and back-feeding electricity into a storm damaged grid. Removing your home’s electrical meter from the socket is the only way your house can be completely disconnected from the grid, and that’s a job best left to your utility company, fire department, or licensed electrician.

Conduct a Thorough Survey

Your home’s grounding and bonding system, which carry currents safely to the ground, can be severely damaged by floodwaters. A licensed electrician is necessary to properly evaluate the damage. Metal electrical boxes and other components that have been submerged will need to be replaced or rust may prevent an adequate connection to your home’s grounding system.

Dispose of Flooded Electrical Equipment

After you’ve pumped out the water and started your recovery efforts, you’ll need to dispose of any ruined electrical equipment. Not many things in a house are rated to survive submersion, even briefly. You will need to replace things like building wire, armored cable, circuit panels and breakers, fuse boxes, subpanels, switches, outlet receptacles, lights, air conditioners, heaters and anything else that is no longer salvageable. Many people try to salvage appliances after a flood, but it’s risky and can present dangers to operate.

Who You Need to Call

After flood waters have receded a resident or business should contact an electrician to determine the safety of their electrical panel. If the panel has not been submerged by water, call NPPD or your local public power provider. An HVAC technician can inspect furnaces that have been flooded.

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