The Benefits Of A Generator

home generator

The benefits of having a generator are enormous.

The benefits of a stand-by generator include having lights and air conditioning during power outages but actually extend far beyond even that. If you happen to reside in an area where power outages are common and can last long periods of time, or a high threat area for natural disasters, a generator will make the difference between spending weeks every year in your home, or spending those weeks camping out with friends or relatives or hopping between motels.  

A Generator Protects And Maintains Essential Services

Electricity is not just a convenience but a key part in the way we live our lives, nourish, and protect ourselves and our loved ones. Our houses require electricity to stay livable and maintain working order. In colder regions, power outages mean that water cannot be heated, which may cause a home’s plumbing to freeze and break. This can cause flooding and expensive damage. Electricity aids in water removal, plumbing, food storage, security, medical equipment, appliances, and well pumps. Without a standby generator to turn on within seconds of a power outage, you will lose access to these important and even life-saving facets of your modern home entirely during power outages.

Our Lives Depend Upon Access To Electricity

A standby generator protects both your circuits, your home, and your safety in the face of power outages. During extreme heat or cold, they ensure you have access to comfort, safety, food, and running water while maintaining safety from weather extremes. This keeps your home safe, secure, operating at full capacity, and ready to be enjoyed even in the face of power outages or inclement weather, which can be stressful enough without the added anxieties and potential electrical problems caused by power outages.

The Haramis Electric Difference

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