Why to Replace Aluminum with Copper Wire

copper wire

Copper wire ultimately ends up being more effective than aluminum wire.

Most homes in Southern Anne Arundel County have copper wiring, with aluminum wiring generally only used for specific, heavy-duty connections.

When the price of copper skyrocketed between 1965-1973, however, many builders used cheaper alternatives like aluminum. Unfortunately, aluminum wiring was heavily misused. There’s been a lot of development in the electricity world since then, so your home may be in need of an upgrade with copper wiring.

The Problem with Aluminum Wires

One of the biggest problems with aluminum wires is that electricians at the time thought it had the same properties as copper wire. But, the two metals have significantly different characteristics. Heavier aluminum wire needs to be used to carry the same volume of electricity as standard copper wires. Aluminum wires can often overcharge, and that will result in the wire heating. The heating can often cause fires.

Current Wiring Codes

After 1974 when more was known about the dangerous effects of aluminum wiring, building codes were changed to require copper wire in all new homes. Unfortunately, there are still homes with aluminum wiring to this day. That means some homeowners in Maryland have had this dangerous wiring for more than 40 years. While you may have not had any noticeable problems over that time frame, you still have the chance of the aluminum wiring getting very hot and causing a fire.

Copper Wire Solutions

Today, the negative effects of aluminum wiring are much more understood. That means a qualified electrician will be able to easily install copper wiring and make sure you have a safe system in your home. If you do live in a home that was built between 1965 to 1973, there is a good chance that the aluminum wiring in your house has been replaced. But, it’s much better to have your home inspected by an electrician than to take any chances. Haramis Electric checks every light switch to determine if your home has aluminum wire, and we also check to see if cooper has been added to the original aluminum. If your outlet or switch needs changing, our expert electricians will either replace the outlet or install a bimetallic connector before re-installing the switch or outlet.

The Haramis Electric Difference

We are a 100 percent local electrical contracting company based in Southern Anne Arundel County. We offer residential and commercial services to clients from Crofton to Gambrills to Millersville to Edgewater and beyond! Our local knowledge and our dedication to serving our community with quality and expertise is what sets us apart from the big statewide and regional electrical contractors. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, quality service and finish your project under budget. See the Haramis Electric difference yourself by requesting a free estimate! Or, contact us by calling 410-451-0200. Did you have a great Haramis Electric experience? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and  Pinterest for more updates!

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