Real Estate Inspections in Crofton, AA County

Selling your current home or looking to buy new? Our Crofton electricians are ready to perform the real estate inspections that you need. Whether you are buying or selling a house, having a property inspection is an important piece of the process. Things uncovered during a check can have a great impact on the sale or purchase of a house; home sale contracts have ended based on the findings of an inspection. Claims of electrical problems after the sale can be avoided by allowing Haramis Electric to take care of your real estate electric inspection needs. Buyers and sellers can have piece of mind, and a feeling of “extra protection” by having an electrical inspection performed prior to the final sale of a home.

Electrician for home inspection Crofton MD

Some of the most common electrical problems uncovered during an inspection include faulty wiring—open junction boxes, amperage mismatches, no wire nuts on wires. The experienced Crofton electricians at Haramis Electric can handle most any of the issues found during these exams. Our inspectors have the training and certifications required to perform the facets of these electrical inspections. You, your family, and your home are important to us, we build our reputation on it. You can be assured that the inspections performed by Haramis Electric are extensive and accurate, taking into consideration all aspects of a home’s electrical system. Buying a home and another inspector uncovered an electrical issue? Allow us to fix those issues. For a free estimate contact Cofton Electricians at 410-451-0200, we can and do handle your electrical contractor needs!

Electric Fixture Upgrade in Crofton Haramis Electric

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