Real Estate Home Electrical Inspections in AA County

Whether you’re in the market for a new home, or you’re looking to sell, our Crofton electricians are a valuable resource. For home buyers our checks will help you feel more confident about your potential purchase.

We’ll cover the questions you have about the electrical system of the house, identifying any issues and possible hazards. The first stop on our examination will be at the home’s circuit panel box. From there we can get a good idea of the overall condition of the house and what we’re dealing with. Things are taken a step further when we inspect outlets, wires, and detectors. We’ll even look at the appliances to make sure that they’re not straining the house’s electrical system.

Buying / Selling a Home in Crofton – Electrical Inspection

For those selling, before you put your home on the market, consider requesting one of our real estate electrical inspections as well. This will allow our Crofton electricians to catch and solve any potential issues before you’re swamped with the paperwork that comes with selling your home. Once that’s squared away you can rest easy knowing you’re putting your best foot forward. A stamp of approval from a trusted source can mean the world when it comes to something as big as a house. Make sure you’re working with the right group. We’ve been in Crofton serving Anne Arundel County for years and know that our customers would recommend us for any electrical job, especially one as important as a home check. People selling want to make their home is more appealing and potential buyers want to make a good purchase. We can help fulfill both of those desires with our full house exams. Wherever you are in the home owning journey, we highly suggest you work with one of our Crofton electricians. 410-451-0200

Home Electrical Inspection

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