Picking the Right Under Cabinet Lighting for Your Home

As you design your new dream kitchen or just refresh some areas in your existing kitchen, you might be considering options from hardware and backsplashes to cabinet styles and colors. But what about under cabinet lighting? Is there a benefit to adding this type of lighting? Here’s what you need to know about under cabinet lighting for your home.

  • Benefits of having under cabinet lighting.

One benefit of adding under cabinet lighting is to increase the resale value of a home since it adds brightness and depth. However, not only is under cabinet lighting decorative, but it’s also functional. Lighting focused on the counter provides the ability to better read recipes and prepare food.

Another benefit is that by installing high-efficiency lights and working in one area at a time, under cabinet lighting can then reduce your total energy bill. Consult with “lighting contractors near me” to understand the ways to maximize light savings.

  • Think beyond just under cabinet lighting.

As you consider hiring lighting contractors near me to add under cabinet lighting, consider other features in the kitchen that would maximize and save counter space.  If you are already wiring for under cabinet lighting, look at adding a place for an under cabinet charging station, iPad/tablet holder, and/or cookbook holder. You can also add a convenient space for a smart speaker or perhaps an area for a mini herb garden. Each of these features will require a nearby wall outlet and possible light source for plug-ins like a book light or charging cords.

  • Types of under cabinet lighting.

There are basically two types of under cabinet lighting – battery powered and hardwired LED.

Battery powered lights can be added as strips or puck lights and are able to be place anywhere. However, these lights can also be an ongoing issue with having to replace batteries often, and may require turning each one on individually.

Hardwired LED lights are all connected and operated with a single switch. A professional electrician will also place wires out of sight and the wires will safely be positioned away from any potential interference with the backside of an appliance. You can also dim LED lights or have a fixed low, medium, or high light setting.  Go a step further and connect these lights into a smart speaker and have more control with either your voice or an app to operate these lights.

  • Under cabinet lighting is not just for the kitchen.

Consider adding under cabinet lighting in your laundry room. This can helpful as you treat stains on clothes prior to washing or iron clothes.  If you have added storage cabinets in the garage, then add under cabinet lighting to that work area.  What about those nooks for kids’ desks and in small offices?  The addition of under cabinet lighting will be very helpful for any reading and writing spaces.

Let Haramis Electric, a professional company who prides themselves by exceeding expectations on every job, help you find the best solutions throughout the kitchen or your entire house.  Your lighting determines the extent of “how you rest, how you play, how you entertain, and how your property is viewed.”  So trust “how you live” to a company that has earned the trust of homeowners for nearly a decade of exemplary service. Haramis will help with any LED or specialty lighting needs you have by first providing a helpful, expert consultation about your lighting goals.

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