What a Periodic Inspection Can Do for Your Crofton Home

electrical inspection

Periodic electrical inspections are necessary to ensure the working condition of your home’s electrical system.

All electrical installations will deteriorate with age and use, which means they need to be tested regularly to determine whether they are still in satisfactory condition for continued use. A periodic electrical inspection can reveal defective electrical work, potential risks and fire hazards, overloaded electrical circuits or equipment, and any earthing or bonding that is needed.

When Should Electrical Inspections Take Place?

A period electrical inspection is necessary to ensure the working capacity of your home’s electrical system. The US Fire Administration estimates that nearly 30,000 homes catch fire annually due to electrical problems. Electrical home inspections should occur:

  • When purchasing a home.
  • When adding new appliances.
  • When a home is 40 years or older.
  • When a home has had a major renovation.

Electrical Inspection – Peace of Mind

Remember, only a registered electrician should perform electrical inspection and testing. Periodic electrical inspection can offer homeowners peace of mind by:

  • Ensuring the safe operation of your home’s electrical components.
  • Reducing energy costs.
  • Correcting fire and safety hazards.
  • Identifying DIY electrical mistakes and mistakes made by previous contractors.
  • Identifying faulty, degraded and outdated wiring.
  • Testing smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors for proper performance.
  • Checking safety and security lighting.
  • Examination of grounding systems and outdoor electrical systems.
  • Fulfilling insurance risk assessment requirements.

Haramis Electric is Your Premier Crofton Electrician

When it comes to electrical work, Haramis Electric can help you get the job done. Haramis Electric is an Anne Arundel County-based electrical contracting company. We offer both residential and commercial services for clients throughout Maryland. Haramis Electric provides incomparable service that will give you the electrical work you need for your Crofton home without pushing you over your budget. Request a free estimate online or by calling 410-451-0200.

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