The Overlooked Benefits of Dimmer Light Switches

dimmer light switches

Light switches don’t have to be limited to just off and on settings.

When it comes to lighting, achieving the right ambience is important. Too much light can be uncomfortable, whereas not enough lighting may put strain on your eyes. With a dimmer light switch, you can find the perfect lighting for your space. A dimmer light switch gives you adjustable control over your light fixtures, allowing you to fade up to brighter lights or down to dimmer setting. Here are a few commonly overlooked benefits of dimmer switches.

Total Control

Some lights are simply not suitable for every room or occasion. Maybe you want a room with a softer or warmer look than what normal lights provide? With an adjustable dimmer light you can set the mood to your exact specifications at any given time, and doing so is much more convenient than having to buy multiple types of lamps. Some homeowners even say that a dimmer helps them to fall asleep because they can make the room gradually become darker. Dimmer light switches can come in knob or sliding/switch up style controls. More modern switchers also feature remote control abilities, allowing you to dim a room without struggling to reach the light switch. With a dimmer light switch, you can transform your bedroom, living room, and bathroom into a more personal and customized space.

Save Energy

Did you know that you can save up to 98% energy and up to about 10% on your energy bill with dim lights? When you have total control over how much lighting is in a room, you don’t have to waste energy on the brightest setting. You can achieve annual savings of about $30 with a dimmer switch.

Longer Lasting Bulbs

The lower wattage on your bulbs also means less wear and tear and a longer lifespan for incandescent bulbs. If you dim lights by just 25%, you’ll save approximately ⅕ of the electricity required. Your lamps can gain years in extra usage when they’re dimmed. Keep in mind, however, that the effect is different for fluorescent lights. Fluorescent bulbs take on a cooler look when dimmed, and do not gain a longer life when dimmed.

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