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For commercial buildings, property managers and homeowners looking to add lighting to the exterior of their home or business space, look no further than our Crofton electricians. We can help you achieve all of your outdoor lighting goals. When it comes to exterior lighting there are many different options depending on what you want to do. To light up your home or backyard we can install landscape lighting to ensure that your house is bright even at night. For those looking for extra security or a no hassle lighting option we recommend motion sensor lighting for home or business. Some popular spots for movement detecting lights include entryways, decks, and patios for the entry to your home, business or commercial property. These lights are a great way to spot any mysterious movements. They also allow you to use your lighting without having to bother with turning it off or on. It will only turn on as needed. No matter the initial intent you can expect more efficient and safer space around your most active areas.

Our Crofton electricians in Anne Arundel County can also install lighting around your swimming pool or hot tub. In the summer it can be fun to go for a night time swim, but not if you can’t see where you’re swimming or moving around the pool deck. We can set up sufficient lights around your pool, so that you can see where you’re going without losing the ambiance of the night. No matter what the design of your backyard is, we can figure out the perfect lighting to highlight everything so that your space is just as usable during the day as it as night. If you’ve got some thoughts for how you want to incorporate lighting in your backyard, or you need some inspiration, talk with a Crofton electrician today. 410-451-0200

You can take a look at our pleased clients throughout Crofton, Gambrills, Millersville, and Edgewater.

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