Why You Need an Electrical Inspection

The benefits of an electrical inspection are numerous. A comprehensive electrical inspection judges the health of all of the working parts of a system. This includes the connections, wiring, receptacles, and control panel. An inspector also makes sure that all of these parts are rated appropriately and correctly grounded to prevent fires and a number of injury risks. As most homeowners do not have a complete understanding of all of the complexities of electrical systems and one that is off kilter can be dangerous, an electrical inspection is an important step to take whenever you make changes to your home. Have begun to notice electrical problems, or are thinking of buying or selling.


The Most Common Reasons An Electrical Inspection Is Necessary  

Haramis Electric

An experienced electrician at Haramis Electric can provide an electrical inspection to solve and/or prevent future problems.


  • It is generally legally required in a number of instances.  
  • Electrical problems are becoming more frequent.
  • You have recently done home renovations or DIY electrical problems and want to make sure for the safety of your loved ones and property that everything is in working order.
  • You want a listing inspection to uncover problems early before selling your home.
  • You are considering buying a home.
  • Your home was inherited or acquired years ago, it is old or you are not entirely familiar with it, and you want peace of mind.
  • You want to begin renting out a guest room or carriage house.


An Electrical Inspection Is Necessary When Buying, Selling, Or Renting


Homebuyers pay for an electrical inspection as part of the closing price, and many home sellers have one conducted before even putting their home on the market in the first place. These inspections boost confidence in buyers and real estate agents. It is also smart to get one before renting or joining a lodging service like Airbnb.


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