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As an electrician in Linthicum MD we get to help with a mix of new construction and existing home’s electrical services in the 21090 zip code.  Linthicum has more than 10,300 people and around 3,000 homes, apartments, condos and townhouses.  That means that a trusted, high quality electrician is really needed.  We get to help with simple fixes like new lighting fixtures and faulty outlets. As well as more involved electrician fixes like electrical breaker panel upgrades and aluminum wiring conversion to copper.  Electricians in Linthicum and all the 21090 zip code can add value to homes and businesses.

Electrician in Linthicum MD

Linthicum Electricians Lighting

Lighting fixtures can be the upgrade which is simple, yet makes a large impact.  Our Linthicum electricians can help with the experience of updating both older and newer construction homes.  Businesses can also benefit with a lighting fixture update.  When a visitor comes to your home or business they can see your unique style with your lighting choices.  Electricians know about getting the focal point (or accent point) of a room.  With our electrical industry connections we can bring you great options.

If your Linthicum electricians are needed to increase a single light or an entire house we are experience and ready to help.  Our “5/5 Star” reviews show a bit of our reputation for quality and value in Linthicum.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate on your Lighting and all your electrical projects.  From a single switch to electrical panel, circuits, backup generators and aluminum to copper conversions our Linthicum electricians can fill your needs at 410-451-0200

Electrician in Linthicum MD

Electricians Linthicum 21090 Residential

We serve as electricians in Linthicum for homes, business and commercial properties.  You can check our 5 star reviews as we have built a strong reputation as the trusted electrician.  We make sure everything works 100%.  With many homes in Linthicum being older with lower ceilings (especially in the basement) we bring innovative solutions like recessed lighting to help with head room.

Newer homes in the area also need help with electrical projects when they choose to finish the basement.  Having a trusted electrician can bring peace of mind and increased home value.  Our Linthicum electrician staff also help with motion senor outdoor lighting to save money and increase safety.  As a certified NEST installer electrician we help with keeping you home up to date as well.


Electrician in Linthicum MD

Electrician in Linthicum MD – Commercial

Linthicum electricians can also help with commercial and business spaces.  With the expansion in the area of people and business we’ve helped with many local electrical updates, upgrades and remodels.  When a business is ready to expand it often needs help with a few new circuits, outlets, lighting and often equipment.

Local restaurants often need help with kitchens and finding the best value for the money to invest is a great move.  We pride ourselves on treating people right and building relationships.  As electricians for Linthicum we know clear communication and our experience help businesses to do well in the short term as well as the long term.

Linthicum MD 21090 Electricians

You may have seen our “Haramis Electric” trucks in and around the Linithicum areas of; Linthicum Heights, Shipley Heights, Shipley, Pardee, Shipley Oaks, Linthicum Oaks and Linthicum Park.  Being in the area  you may see our electricians on 295 Balt Wash Parkway, Route 97, Balt Beltway 695, Furnace branch road, Hammonds Ferry, West Nursery, Andover road, 170 S. Camp Meade road.  Course you might see us dropping off a letter at the Linthicum Post Office.

No matter where you see our electricians around the Linthicum area we’re glad we can help with your electrical needs.  Perhaps at the Linthicum/Ferndale fields or at Apache football or lacrosse.

If you are looking for an electrician in Linthicum give us a call.  We offer a Free Estimate and bring our personal, professional electricians to solve your electrical needs in the 21090 zip code.

Thanks Haramis Electric 410-451-0200

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