Lighting in Crofton Maryland

As electricians in Crofton Maryland we get to install a wide variety of lighting fixtures.   Some houses and businesses are looking for a unique “antique” style while others choose standard and many want something modern.  Residential Lighting styles have changed as well.  Formally it was typical to see one style flow throughout the entire house or business, now we see lighting fixtures specific to a room.  A child may want a light with a fan that is modern while couple near the city may want an industrial look.   Finishing a basement may be track or recess lighting.  Each bathroom lighting may have unique sconces or complete unique fixtures.

  • Remodel Lighting
  • Kitchen Lights
  • Bathroom Lighting
  • Finished Basement Lighting Designs
  • Lighting for Special Rooms

Lighting in Crofton MD

A multi-purpose room will often use directional lighting.  This allows lights to be angled to different positions to change as the use of the room changes.  There are several choices here at Haramis Electric we can help to find and install the right lighting system for you regardless of your style.  We’re ready to bring you the perfect light for the end of the hallway or the chandelier that works for your vaulted ceilings.  You’ll find us easy to work with, polite, on time and on budget.  Our decades of combined experience allows us to work smoothly with your project and the electrical code to Keep You Safe while you get that great new look for home and business lighting in the Crofton area.

Hallway lights Crofton Electricians

Perhaps you are looking to bring your style into an old space and revive it so that people find it interesting and use the space more efficiently.  Or you’re looking to finish a basement, remodel the kitchen or add on a bathroom.  We can simplify your project with trusted, honest advice and you can see our reviews and reputation to know that you’ll be glad you contacted the best Electricians in Crofton Maryland.

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Residential Lighting in Crofton MD

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