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As an electrician in Lake Shore MD, we serve all of the 21144 zip code and AA County Maryland.  This week we focus on a few common electrical projects that happen in Lake Shore.  Often it is something simple and cost effective for homes, businesses or commercial properties.  Perhaps a light is not working.  Perhaps it’s an outlet.  Other times it is something more complex like aluminum to copper wire conversion or a breaker panel.  No matter the electrical issue give us a call for a trusted electrician in Lake Shore, MD.   We’ve helped so many with electrical projects — we can help you too.

Electrician in Lake Shore MD

Electrician Lake Shore 21122 Zip Code

Lake shore is a great area with a mix of homes and businesses.  Some are on the waterfront, water view or further inland.  With 2010 census numbers we know that almost 19,500 people call Lake Shore home.  There’s almost 7,000 household and 5,500 families.  That makes for a lot of homes that need a trusted, high value electrician for remodeling and renovation.  Kitchen, laundry and bath as well basements are all common electrical projects that we’ve helped with.  Lake Shore also has some new construction, our electricians can make your electrical project so smoothly and work great with other contractors.

We know the steps to keep you safe and sound.  We all want safety and we want to pass electrical code, inspections and long lasting value.  There are a lot of things you may want to DIY around the house – electricity is not one of them.  Be safe and use a professional electrician.

Electricians for Sylvan View, Tree Tops, Saybrooks, Chelsea Beach, Hunters Harbor, Tar Cove, Sillery Bay

The Lake Shore areas of Sylvan View, Tree Tops, Saybrooks, Chelsea Beach, Hunters Harbor, Tar Cove, Sillery Bay will all benefit from high value electricians.  When it comes to selling or buying a home in these Lake Shore communities you want good value.  We bring the decades of combined experience to your home.  We know it’s important because we are right here in the area.

You may see our electricians at local places like; Lake Shore Athletic Complex  Loopers Field, Angels Food Market or Chesapeake High School.

Electrician in Lake Shore MD

You might see us on the water as we all enjoy boating, crabbing and fishing along the local Lake Shore waters of: Magothy River, Rock Point, Chest Next Point, Park Point, Pea Patch Point, Blackhole Creek, Dobbins, Long Cove or Hickory Point.

Electrician in Lake Shore, MD – Recessed Lighting

Our Lake Shore MD electricians see the popular request for recessed lighting.  Both home and businesses use recessed lighting.  Many residential uses are great for adding light to a room which has a low ceiling.  When basements are remodeled or finished for the first time recessed lighting is often used in the Lake Shore, Maryland area.  With many older homes the basements were not as used as they are today.   This means that renovating includes electrical repairs or new installs.  Many times lighting is just the beginning on a great project.  Wiring, outlets and even bathrooms are often included in the electrical project with electricians in Lake Shore MD.

Commercial and business properties often use recessed lighting for many reasons.  Lake Shore electricians can help with recessed lighting for many reasons.  This will make a large and tall room seem even taller.  Another recessed lighting is the term “wall washing” which can help to make a dramatic change to a room.  Less heat and more lighting color with LED recessed lighting is the choice of many commercial and business owners to save money.  No matter why or where you choose your recessed lighting give our Lake Shore, Maryland Electricians a call and learn why so many have used us and given us 5 star reviews.

Lake Shore Electrician for Remodel

Remodeling a home in Lake shore can pay dividends. Making a home more efficient can mean less stress and more time for free time, family and hobbies.  When you are working with an outdated electrical system it can take much more time to do chores.  When you are restricted from using multiple electrical outlets on the same circuit those appliances will not save time.  We have helped with so many remodeling projects and we can help with yours as well.  Give us a call for a trusted electrician for Lake Shore MD, 21122.


When you see our electricians along the local Lake Shore roads of  Route 177 Mountain Road, Lake Shore Dr., Long Point Road, Woods Road, Hickory Point Road say, “hi.”  We look to help solve your electrical issues with local knowledge.  If you are looking for an “electrician near me in Lake Shore” we can help with professional, polite electrical contracting services.  Get a Lake Shore electrician with a Free Estimates today.

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