When to Install New Circuits for Your Crofton Home

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Circuits are what feed power to the outlets and appliances in your Crofton home.

Circuits are essential components of any Crofton home. They’re necessary for running the outlets and heavy appliances that you use every day. But what exactly is a circuit? Here’s a quick rundown of what circuits do for your home, how you can determine how many need, and when you should consider buying and installing new circuits.

What Is a Circuit?

Circuits, put simply, are your electricity’s commuter route. They are the engineered circular paths that electricity must use to travel across your home. When you flick on the light switches in your home, for example, electricity flows into the closed circuit that will send power to your bulbs and fixtures. Suddenly, you’ve got light. Virtually all electrical appliances require circuits to feed them electricity.

Dedicated Circuits

Dedicated circuits are not much different from the normal circuit in application. Dedicated circuits are circuits that are set aside to power a specific appliance, tool, or piece of equipment. The National Electric Code requires dedicated circuits for all major appliances–typically ones involving massive, fluctuating voltages such as refrigerators, dishwashers, freezers, microwaves, washers and dryers.

How Many Circuits Does My Crofton Home Need?

The number of circuits you’ll need for your home can vary depending on a few factors. You will want to consider such things as the limits of your brickers, the size of your home, the number of appliances you use, and the number of outlets your home requires. Put simply, anything that has a switch, uses a motor, or gets plugged in will need a circuit. That’s where Haramis Electric comes in. Your dedicated Crofton electrician can help you pinpoint exactly how many circuits your home needs. If you suspect that you have too few circuits, it’s time to make a call.

Signs You Need New or Additional Circuits

Circuits, like most things, can experience complications and will periodically fail. Electrical wiring issues can have a bad habit of sneaking up on unsuspecting homeowners, which is why a professional electrical inspection can be incredibly helpful. Excessive breaker flipping, stilted or stuttered appliance operation, or lack of power are all signs that a circuit isn’t performing up to par. If you are planning to add new appliances to your home, new circuits may also be required to power them. Plugging new appliances into existing circuits can often cause breaker flips. A professional electrician can help you install and add new circuits to your Crofton home.

Haramis Electric is Your Premier Crofton Electrician

When it comes to electrical work, Haramis Electric can help you get the job done. Haramis Electric is an Anne Arundel County-based electrical contracting company. We offer both residential and commercial services for clients throughout Maryland. Haramis Electric provides incomparable service that will give you the electrical work you need for your Crofton home without pushing you over your budget. Request a free estimate online or by calling 410-451-0200.


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