Why Your Home Needs LED Motion Lighting

motion lighting

Motion Lighting can save you money and make your home more secure.

LED motion lighting is an inexpensive and practical solution to many common residential lighting problems. More and more residential homeowners are making use of motion lighting to save on rising energy costs and better safeguard their homes. LED sensors lights can be used practically anywhere: a patio, a driveway, a yard, a garage or your front and back doors.

Electrical Efficiency

LED motion sensor lights are an efficient, environmentally friendly option. Motion lighting completely eliminates the possibility of leaving your lights on by mistake. Homeowners that opt to use motion lighting often save money on electricity bills by avoiding wasteful and redundant energy use. Many motion sensors can pay for themselves in just two or three years.

Greater Control, Convenience

Ever entered a pitch dark garage or basement and were frustrated that you couldn’t find the switch? With the help of motion lighting you no longer have to worry about tripping and falling in the dark because the motion sensor will do all the work for you.

Security Benefits

A lot of people believe that lighting only serves the purpose of illuminating spaces to help us see better, but motion lighting also serves the purpose of safeguarding your property. LED motion sensors are an effective way to increase your home’s security without spending a ton of money on an expensive, convoluted alarm system. Residential homes that are lit properly are far less likely to see a break in from an intruder.


Motion lighting is especially reliable because it employs body heat to determine whether there has been movement in the vicinity. You can adjust your motion lighting’s sensitivity to to ensure that it doesn’t activate willy-nilly. Equipping your home with indoor motion sensor lights will give you an added level of protection when you leave for extended periods of time.

Install LED Motion Lighting in Your Home with the Help of Haramis Electric

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