Garage Lighting to Suit Your Needs


Rethinking your garage will likely require an overhaul of your garage lighting.

You’re thinking about turning your garage into a workshop. It’s a great idea, and can provide many benefits for many years. Before you start, however, you should really invest time into considering what kind of garage lighting you want and what will best serve all your needs.

Adequate lighting is critical in a workshop setting. Think about your general lighting needs first, then about specialized needs for specific areas. There are a number of garage lighting options available, each with its own benefits and, depending on your needs, potential pitfalls.

Garage Lighting Options

  • Fluorescent overhead fixtures are generally a good choice for overhead lighting. Fluorescent fixtures are inexpensive, easy to install and energy efficient, and they put out a lot of light. Mounted overhead and away from walls, they cast a nice, even light down over the entire workshop.
  • Undercabinet lighting is not just for the kitchen anymore. This type of lighting can be placed underneath shelves and cabinet bottoms to illuminate a very specific area of work surface. This type of lighting is ideal in smaller areas for detail work.
  • Track lighting is another good choice for overhead lighting and is best suited for illuminating particular areas of a room. Flood bulbs can be used to light a larger area, while spot bulbs can focus concentrated light on a smaller space. An advantage with track lights is that individual lights can be redirected into different areas should you decide to rearrange your workshop.
  • Portable floodlights are handy for specific jobs. Directional, height-adjustable and very bright, they’re perfect for putting plenty of light in awkward or out-of-the way places. They’re also ideal for working on your car.

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