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If you’re looking for a spot to do all of your at home projects or starting that home business, then consider using your garage as your new work area, studio, home business or office. When you work with a Crofton electrician you can make sure that the space can reach its fullest potential. The simple addition of some lights and outlets can turn the room from a stuffy garage to a private work area that allows you to accomplish your goals efficiently. Outlets in just the right place are great for plugging in tools, the perfect desk and charging different devices and appliances. They’re especially helpful when installed right by the workbench, design or creative thinking space.

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Saving money? Gaining Experience?  Talk with your technician about what your floor plan for the space is, so that they can recommend where outlets and lighting would be most beneficial. Your space may require a central light to illuminate the room, but by pointing out the area of a future workbench your Crofton electrician can properly install task lighting above the table. If you have an idea about what types of projects you’re looking to do in your garage, then make sure to mention that to the technician. It can help determine the layout of the room and what additional items need to be installed. Put our electrical contractor experience to work for your garage transformation project.  For those who want to use the space for welding or other higher than normal needs, we can install 220 volt circuits. If you’re not 100% sure what you plan on doing, or you want to work on a variety of projects, then we can make sure to install special circuits that can be used for your big appliances. Lighting, Outlets, Ceiling fans, attic fans…. Garages are the perfect spot to turn into your new work space and when you collaborate with a Crofton electrician the transformation couldn’t be easier.

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