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We are an award winning electrician in Gambrills MD in the 21054 zip code of Anne Arundel County. Our 5 star reviews and decades of combined experience as a trusted electrician in Gambrills can help your electrical project too.   Starting with a Free Estimate at 410-451-0200 you’ll know the advantages of choosing Haramis Electric.  Come see what your neighbors are saying about our Gambrills Electricians in the 21054 zip code.

Electrician in Gambrills MD

Gambrills Commercial and Residential Electricians in 21054

We’ve helped both businesses and homes look, light and be connected with electrical projects in Gambrills MD, 21054.  Anne Arundel County is full of interesting places on the waterfront and well inland.  Gambrills has many interesting restaurants and businesses.  They all benefit and grow with more efficient electrical systems.  As new equipment and new spaces are added they need electrical circuits, wiring, outlets, lights and more to stay efficient.  Being prepared for the future is a good way to grow. We know as we are a local business too.

Electrician in Gambrills MD

 Electricians Gambrills in 21054 Zip Code Anne Arundel County, MD

You may see our “Haramis Electric” vehicles in and around Gambrills.  We are often on the local roads of Route 3, Route 32 and Maryland Route 175 as we bring lighting fixtures, outlets, ceiling fans, Electrical panel upgrades, convert Aluminum wiring to Copper and many more electrical projects.  Projects like home renovations.  Kitchen remodels, Bath, Laundry and basement finishing commonly need our 5 star review level of electricians in Gambrills.

From installing a new circuit, to repairing the existing outlets, circuits or circuit panel we can help with electrical services with experienced electricians in Gambrills MD

Gambrills Electrician Laundry Room Remodel

Electricians in and around Gambrills neighborhoods, communities and areas like: Annapolis Road, Bladen, Bretton Woods, Bridlewood, Four Seasons, Patuxent Preserve, Saddlebrooke, Southern Gambrills, Townes of Monarch, Wilson’s Grove.

With Gambrills growing from 2000 with a population of 1,759 to 2,800+ in 2010 and still more as we get close to 2020 electrical needs will follow.  If you are new to Gambrills or have been a long time resident give us a call and experience a trusted, professional and polite electrician for all your electrical projects.

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