The Everyday Life of a Residential Electrician

residential electrician

Residential electricians are not only experienced at planning and installing residential wiring, they are also great at providing friendly customer service.

Have you ever wondered what a normal day is like for the residential electrician who just finished wiring your home? What goes on behind the scenes? Our residential electricians have years of experience where they perfect their craft of providing many types of residential wiring. There’s a lot that goes into a single residential wiring job. Here’s what a normal day looks like for one of our skilled electricians.


Whether wiring new residential construction or repairing existing residential wiring, the first step is to create a flawless plan. A wiring plan has to have appropriate placement of electrical outlets, lighting fixtures, and heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. Your electrician may even make a plan for temporary electrical solutions that  will stay in place until the residential wiring is finished. If this step is not done very carefully and knowledgeably, it could lead to huge problems down the road.


During installation, the residential electrician is responsible for making sure that all municipal codes are complied with. Not only do they run conduit and employ other wiring protection measures, they also read and follow the architect’s blueprints to ensure that the wiring is implemented according to the architect’s plan. Finally, your electrician makes sure that power is properly and safely distributed through the home from the main circuit breaker.

Maintenance and Repair

If your electrical system needs repaired or replaced, a residential electrician is the person for the job. For example, if you buy a new appliance that has different voltage requirements or you don’t have the appropriate outlet at the right location, an electrician can run a new line to connect it with your circuit breaker box. An electrician can also inspect your circuit breaker if it continues to trip in order to determine whether your circuit breaker or wiring needs to be replaced.

The Haramis Electric Difference

We are a 100 percent local electrical contracting company based in Southern Anne Arundel County. We offer residential and commercial services to clients from Crofton to Gambrills to Millersville to Edgewater and beyond! Our local knowledge and our dedication to serving our community with quality and expertise is what sets us apart from the big statewide and regional electrical contractors. Our goal is to provide you with comprehensive, quality service and finish your project under budget. See the Haramis Electric difference yourself by requesting a free estimate! Or, contact us by calling 410-451-0200. Did you have a great Haramis Electric experience? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter,and  Pinterest for more updates!

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