Electricians for Outdoor Lighting in Crofton MD

Outdoor lighting for Business and the Home

With daylight savings here the nights will become darker sooner. If you’re a business owner it is part of your duty to create a safe and welcoming space for customers. This space extends beyond the inside of the store. With evenings becoming longer it is time to consider how well lit your parking lot and storefront is. A walk back to your car can feel long and unsafe when the parking lot is dark.  Our Crofton Electricians can help

By using our services to install light poles you can instantly lighten up any area, creating a safer space for customers to walk to and from their cars. We can work with you to decide the best placement for lights, so that you can get the most lighting for the best price. A bright parking lot can also deter criminal activity, which is always a great added bonus to encourage customers to shop with you. Lighting on the exterior of your building can help to show off your signs and accent the best parts of the storefront.  Our partnership and electrical services goes beyond installation; we also offer repair services, so you can be sure that your lights are back up and running as quickly as possible. An illuminated parking lot boosts business because customers will feel safe to come shop longer into the evening. Let our electricians in Crofton Maryland help keep your business up and running longer into the evening by calling for a free estimate.

Outdoor Lighting for the Home

As electricians in Crofton with decades of combined experience we’ve seen a long list of changes in outdoor lighting.  At one time lighting for the home simply consisted of a single front light.  You might have had a “post light” or you might have had a hanging light directly above your front door.  This style and functionality left a large portion of the front yard and the front of the house unlit with many shadows.

Today’s residential outdoor lighting is much more efficient and effective.  Lower costs of lighting and lower running costs allow for impressive outdoor lighting.  Our electricians in Crofton bring good news of affordable outdoor lighting to residential homes on a regular basis.  You can impress the neighbors and visitors with eye catching accents to your home. outdoor lighting Electricians in Crofton

Motion sensor lights are popular with many homeowners.  It adds another level of security for people approaching your home after the sun has gone down.  Motion sensor lights are also helpful to welcomed visitors, including you.  When you come home after dark with arms full or groceries or other packages your walkway is well lit without having to put down packages.  Motion sensor lights can also help with stray dogs, cats and wildlife.  When you stop hearing the garbage can get knocked over you know you’re on the right path.

Special lighting for special places like the deck, pool area or patio can extend the time you’ll want to stay outdoors.  LED choices can monthly utility costs lower than ever before.  Our electrical company can help with your remote controls and smartphone connection to work on controlling your lights in many of the newer choices.

Crofton Electricians for outdoor lighting

Whether you are looking for and electrician in Crofton to install, repair or replace the lights on your home, business or commercial property we are happy to give you a Free Estimate to show or good faith in the community as a locally owned and operated electrician in Crofton Maryland.

Thank You, Haramis Electric

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