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Innovations in Outdoor lighting for Crofton home and businesses allow more choices for safety, security and savings.  Our Electricians stay ahead of the learning curve when it comes to the electrical industry and what it can do for you.  Remote control of your lighting can be a reality for your business or home.  Being able to remotely monitor your lighting can save money as well as increase safety.

Outdoor lighting for Crofton

Motion sensors can add another level of security while you are home, at the office or your commercial building and spaces.  Motion sensors allow you to be away, busy or asleep and light up the area to allow others to see well while walking the dog.   It also sends a powerful message to would be intruders that someone may be watching and have turned on the light.  Living in Crofton we have sat in the office and at home and noticed the motion sensor light come on.  Looking out the window and seeing a friend or family member approaching is a nice touch to keep them safe as they walk up the path to the door.  Allowing older folks to have a clear view of every step is a nice way to be warm and welcoming to vistors.  At the same time it is a great warning to let you know that someone who is unwelcome has just walked close enough to your home.  You have created a safer space around your home, business or commercial property.

Crofont electricians Outdoor lighting

We can help with the selection, installation and maintenance of all types of outdoor lighting.  We’re licensed, bonded and insured to keep your installation safe and up to code with Crofton and all of Anne Arundel County Maryland.

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You have just earned a customer for a lifetime! Excellent, professional, knowledgeable and fast service. I lost electricity on my outside outlets. I tried to fix it myself and I was not able to fix it. Even had a friend attempt to help to no avail. In one hour they figure out the issue and fixed it. You guys are the best!!!! I’m sure recommending you to friends and family.

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