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Our Crofton electricians help with projects across Anne Arundel County.  This week we focus on the Crofton 21114 area with repairs and services.  Many projects in Crofton include the basics with lighting, wiring, outlets, switches and circuit breakers panels.  Over time older homes and businesses have electrical issues with the increased load.  When houses electrical system is not updated to handle the new appliances and equipment circuits “trip” and eventually switches and outlets can fail.  We get calls for these and we are happy to help with a Free Estimate.

Keeping Crofton a little safer with updated electrical circuits can help everyone.  We’re thankful for all the 5/5 Star reviews which have been written and for those which will be written in the future.

Best Electrician in Crofton

As businesses open up more and more in Maryland our electricians see more calls for electrical service of commercial spaces.  The new normal has more people working from home.  That makes for changes even to businesses, office space and commercial buildings.

Commercial Crofton Electrician for Workplace Safety

Our electricians help with safety as businesses change work spaces to move offices and large cubical areas to a safer, social distanced space.  When work spaces are overcrowded it becomes an issue.  Spacing out work areas often means moving parts of the electrical circuits.  Outlets, lighting and even switches may need moved to accommodate the new, safer workspace.

Crofton electrician for light switches

Lighting switches can be changed over from an older style “manual” light switch to a motion sensor.  Alleviating the need to have “everyone” touch the same light switch is a helpful way to keep people safer and also saves money.  Motion sensor lighting can be an effective way to save money and keep germs from spreading.

Fix outlet Crofton Electricians

Residential Crofton Electrician for Safety and Savings

Home / Residential lighting and switches are also converted to LED and motion sensors to help save in the same style.  When monthly energy bills come down and the space is more efficient everyone is happier.  If you would like help with your residential or commercial electrical projects check our 5/5 star reviews and learn about our free estimates as trusted electricians in Crofton MD, 21114 and surrounding areas.

You can avoid those “high use”,  “germ infested” touch points with motion sensors to keep from having to touch them in the first place.

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