Electricians in Crofton for Residential Renovations

When planning a renovation to your home, don’t overlook the need to upgrade your electrical, lighting, outlets and wiring. Trust our Crofton electricians to handle your home’s electrical needs.

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Renovations make us think of moving or removing walls, opening up ceilings, and installing new flooring – things we can see. Making updates to your home should also include a close look at your existing electrical wiring, which may be unsafe or annoying (an improperly placed or non-existent switch or outlet). Occasionally, homeowners or contractors put off, or overlook a home’s wiring because it’s something we cannot see.

But proper planning with a trusted quality Electrician in Crofton can help things go smoothly and function great for decades to come.  Not enough outlets? Replace a broken light switch? Replace a Ground Control Fault Interrupters (GCFI) outlet? Need a new light or ceiling fan? Smoke detector? The list of possibilities is near endless to make your home more efficient, functional and fun to live in!

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Our team of Crofton electricians will work closely with you to review your current and future electrical needs and how best to bring these updates to your home to optimize any layout. At Haramis Electric we have a connection with the community; we pride ourselves on our customer service. As a client you can work directly with the owner to review/approve your electrical needs, not a company representative in another state like some other companies.

From your kitchen to your bathroom, our team of highly trained Crofton electricians are licensed, bonded, insured professionals will come to your home, in uniform, ready to tackle all your electrical needs. To schedule an appointment to discuss your residential renovations, and receive a free estimate, contact our Crofton electricians at 410-451-0200 or via our website to submit a request for an estimate (you’ll receive a request within 24 hours).

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