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Crofton Electricians know this time of year can be busy with homeowners and business owners wanting projects done for the fall. There is still plenty of time time to get electrical projects done in Crofton. With ample daylight and nice temperatures many projects still fit in before the late fall and winter comes. Our electricians help with solutions all across Anne Arundel county. This week we focus on the electrical project and our electricians fulfilling these in Crofton.

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With new home construction and many homes being bought and sold we are busy with inspections and helping both sellers and buyers to get a good home. Nobody likes surprises right before “closing” on a home so we are called and trusted by many real estate agents to solve electrical issues and keep everyone a little safer.  Lighting update is one of the more common requests we receive when it comes to a home changing owners. Lighting makes a dramatic difference in a home or business.  Good lighting is, in part, a matter of taste as there are many options. However another part of good lighting is the functionality. We all want good lighting to keep our eyes from straining and we want to be able to set the mood for a room.

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Safety is another reason our Crofton Electricians get calls in the Fall. With more people and less daylight it often is the time of year when coming home from work means walking up to the front door with the last light of the day. Sometimes this even means coming home after dark. When our electricians install motion sensor lighting, LED or simply fix lose wiring we know that we’ve helped to make everyone a little safer. With all of us aging and helping seniors in our family good outdoor lighting to welcome friends and familiy as well as letting unwanted animals that good lighting makes everyone’s evening a little smoother.

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