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Our Electricians in Crofton help with many electrical projects all across Anne Arundel County.  Some of the more common electrical projects involve outlets, lights and the electrical panel. However, there is a wide variety of projects including commercial and small business electrical projects.

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AA County lifted restriction on many more small businesses. So, retail shopping, restaurants, bars, religious, fitness, gaming and racing have been going through changes and we have been helping. When an outlet, light, fan or electrical panel has issues we get the call. Being local electricians in Crofton we know people first hand and by first name. We have built those trusted relationships and look to build them with new people like you. Whether you need electrical help with a home improvement or a business looking for a trusted electrician to work with the latest changes we can provide solutions.

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Spring is a time when many home improvement projects are “in the works.”  Outdoor electrical projects are popular in many of our local waterfront areas with power, lights and outlets are being run to boathouses and docks. Other areas have our electricians installing electrical circuits to area around patios, porches, decks and “fire pit” areas.  Outdoor power, lighting and outlets are long lasting, high value improvements which help to make fun areas around the home even more fun as the daylight ends and the evening can continue with power.

Updating your electrical panel can save money and make things more functional for home, business and commercial properties. Electricians in Crofton can help bring you up to code. We can also help with making things safer. Older electrical panels in Crofton and all across AA county can have safety issues. We get calls to solve these issues when circuits are not properly “sized” for the needs of the home or business. It can be frustrating when you have to remember to only plug in one thing at a time. It can be dangerous too. Both homes and businesses can benefit greatly when a electrical panel is up to date and installed properly.

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Hot tubs, Jacuzzis and spas all can make for a fun and relaxing time. With more time spent at home, making the home a little nicer is a common phone call we receive. We have the decades of combined experience with all these projects. Our electricians also are intimately versed on the electrical code and AA County permits and requirements.

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No matter what electrical project you have planned for this year give our trusted electricians a call. Ask about our 5 out of 5 star reviews, free estimates, warranty, licensed, bonded, insured company of electricians.

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