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A week of electrical services for our Crofton electricians means ceiling fans, outdoor outlets and home inspection repairs. Serving not only Crofton but AA county, and into PG areas like Bowie electricians means many services and repairs.  Just to cover a few this week we start off with installing a couple of ceiling fans. Check our industry leading 5/5 star rating for reviews on Google and other online reviews.

Electricians Crofton 21114 Ceiling fan install, outlet repair reviews

Home Inspection Repairs – Crofton Electricians

When buying or selling a home the process can be stressed when last minute repairs are needed. Our Crofton electricians help to reduce that stress with dependable, quality electrical repairs. We know the importance of safety and the personal service of a polite electrician. Buy or selling a house can be made a bit simpler when your electrician can be trusted to solve the issues after an electrical inspection.

Repairs in Crofton may be quite varied with the different conditions, age and style of real estate. An older home may need repairs for aluminum to copper wiring. We know first hand, we’ve repaired many of these. Not to worry aluminum to copper wiring needs are taken care of. Other common inspection repairs often needed is the simple and very affordable sparking switch, light not working, need for a GFCI outlet, blown breaker, breaker panel box updates.  Not nearly as common is the bonding of a CSST pipe.

Our Crofton electricians can help with your home inspection repairs to keep you on track and on schedule for buying or selling a home in Crofton, AA County and parts of PG like Bowie.


Ceiling Fans – Crofton Electricians

Ceiling fans are quite the common request for our electricians. Sometimes a ceiling fan needs repairs. Other times a ceiling fan needs to be installed. Both older and new homes can benefit from a ceiling fan. Newer homes rooms can change the use of the room when a child goes a way to college and a bedroom becomes a home gym, or a special room for a hobby. That often means that a ceiling fan can go a long way to making a room more comfortable. With our decades of combined experience Haramis electricians can help you through the entire process. Call and ask about advice on choosing a fan, where it should go, what size, and other functions like a combination light. Some ceiling fans even have the ability to hold 2 fans and be directional.  This “two fan” or “Double Fan” can be very functional for a larger room. No matter what type of ceiling fan you choose give us a call and get your fan up and working for greater comfort and safety.

Crofton Electricians – Outdoor Outlets

With fall coming outdoor outlets are becoming more popular. Outdoor outlets needs, may be needed when a deck is remodeled or removed. Perhaps moving that outdoor outlet to the side of the house is a better and more functional option. Our Crofton electricians can help you with every step of the process. We bring personal, polite, professional customer service to every customer.

Maybe your need for an outdoor outlet is to help with landscaping chores, make a patio, deck or porch become more enjoyable. We know first hand because we are the experience local electricians for AA County. We’ve helped for decades with our own houses in the area. Give our electricians a call and experience the service and safety of Haramis Electric.


Thanks, Haramis Electric

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