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Safety in Crofton and all Anne Arundel County can be affected by outdoor lighting.  Our Crofton Electricians have helped many home and business owners increase their safety, comfort and peace of mind with a little outdoor lighting upgrade.  Check our 5/5 star reviews and awards all across the net to see how others have benefited from our electrical projects in Crofton, MD 21114

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With many homes and businesses in Crofton being older their outdoor lighting could benefit greatly with an update.  Saving money with a newer, more cost effective lighting fixture can not only look better but perform better as well.  The added benefit of a lower electrical bill from more efficient running costs is an added bonus.

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Another electrical project which saves money and increases safety is motion detector/sensor lighting.  When motion sensors are installed properly they can make a large difference in your safety and electrical bill.

The “startling” surprise of a lighting coming on when a person or animal enters the area is a nice way of letting unwanted guests know that someone has noticed their presence.  It also adds the nice way of welcoming invited guests to your Crofton home or business.  When walkways are well lit there is less chance of falling, tripping or other accidents happening.  Reducing accidents at a business or home is a good thing for all of us.

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If you are looking to save money, increase safety and bring a little more peace of mind give us a call for a Free Estimate.  We are the local Crofton Electricians with the 5/5 star reviews and award winning results.

Call and speak with the owner directly and learn how our electrical company has grown to the perfect size.  We are able to bring personal, professional results with our electrical projects while being large enough to handle large requests and have a well stocked, highly experienced electrician in Crofton, MD 21114.

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