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Looking for that extra piece of security around your home? Trust our Crofton electricians to provide the peace-of-mind you are looking for. Keep your family and home safer by having motion sensor lights installed by the experts at Haramis Electric. Serving the Anne Arundel County area, Haramis Electric specializes in many types of electrical work, residential and commercial.

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Lighting systems are one area in which we excel. Motion sensor lights have electronic “eyes” that can detect the heat waves emitted from objects as they move. When the electronic eye, also known as a sensor, detects a moving object, whether it is a person, car, or animal (wanted or unwanted), the light electronically turns on, illuminating the area. If the object in question is an intruder, the “without warning/unexplained” light typically scares the “intruder”, resulting in them fleeing the area as quickly as possible.

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Our Crofton electricians have years of experience with motion sensor light installation, let us show you the options we have available for your home. Working with you, we can recommend the ultimate lighting system that best fits your need and your home. We are certain you will find our team of highly skilled technicians to be professional, polite, and attentive to your home’s needs. To set up an appointment with our Crofton electricians to discuss your motion sensor light needs, you can contact Haramis Electric at 410-451-0200 or visit our website to schedule an appointment online. Estimates are free!

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