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This time of year has people and electricians in Crofton working on remodel projects.  Spring inspires us to be creative and your home or business is no different.  A new look, new lighting, new outlets, new garage space, “Man Cave” or “She Shed” can be a good investment.  No matter if you are looking to sell or keep your home, a little lighting and outlet project can make a space look new again, more functional and more modern.  Sometimes it is the simple things that make a big difference in Crofton, MD.  Perhaps a changing of lighting fixtures is the right move to change the look of a room.  Adding new lights, outlets and a few circuits to a garage or unfinished basement is the “kick” that it needs to become a useful space.

Crofton Electrician for Laundry and Basement renovations

Remodel a Basement – Electrician in Crofton

Many Crofton homes are built with the basement unfinished.  This saves on costs and the space is not always needed when first moving into a home.  But over time space is used and a little more space is needed.  A trusted Crofton Electrician can be the difference in having the project go smoothly and keep it from spiraling out of cost control.  Proper planning up front is important.  We have the decades of combined experience to help your project from start to end.  Permits for Crofton, Anne Arundel county and often HOAs are important to know before hand.  Put our experience in the electrical contracting field to work for you.  Getting the plans set to that you can maximize your space and get it right on paper will allow for the greatest value.  We can bring great advice as trusted electricians in Crofton on things like lighting.  A low ceiling may call for recessed lighting to keep all the head room you can.  Wiring for wall mounted TVs and entertainment centers is important to know before the carpenters and drywall contractors come in.  We pride ourselves on personal service and that’s why we have so many online 5 star reviews and hand written thank you notes.

Remodel a Laundry – Crofton Electricians

Laundry rooms can be overwhelming and depressing with poor lighting and under powered circuits.  Not enough power and not enough outlets can make for a frustrating place to try and get the work of laundry for your family done.  When the room is designed with a quality Crofton Electrician on your side the room can become well lit, efficient and functional.  Getting laundry done and enjoying life instead of frustrating, old equipment which is undersized and not well lit, nor spaced.

Crofton Electrician Remodel Spring Project

We have helped many with their remodel of kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, additions and entire new construction homes as the “go to” electrician in Crofton, MD.  If you are looking for a great investment into your own home or to expand your business space we can help, just like we have helped so many others.  Give our Crofton Electricians a call today and we’ll get you a Free Estimate, Up Front Pricing and More.

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