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Electricians in Crofton get calls when winter weather causes failures with electrical systems like lights and outlets. Winter freeze and thaw can cause issues with residential, commercial and small business wiring. Older homes can have issues with aluminum wiring. Converting aluminum to copper wiring is a good thing for many reasons, safety is probably the most important. We can bring 5/5 star reviews levels of electricians repairs and install. No need to take our word for it, check our reviews all across the net.

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Winter weather has many factors on electrical systems. Crofton electricians get calls when freezing temps cause homes to shrink or “contract.” This can happen easily outdoors and occasionally indoors in poorly insulated areas. Our electricians service Crofton and Anne Arundel county, allowing us to have experience with the local conditions.  This shrinking and expanding can cause older or poorly installed wiring, outlets, lighting at connection points to work loose.

Sometimes loose wiring effects outlets, lights, fans and attic spaces. Ice can build up on roofs and then melt into walls. This obviously is a bad thing for electrical circuits. Some basements in older areas have issues and circuit breaker boxes can become involved with the freeze and thaw.

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With winter precipitation like snow and ice will melt rather quickly and saturate the ground. This can lead to outdoor, buried wires moving if vehicles are driven on or near the water logged ground. Snow plows can “take out” light posts and even a snow shovel can cause damage to an outlet or landscape lighting which is covered by snow.  Whatever the cause of the loose wires we can help. Often our experience and electrical industry connection allows us to find a “permanent” solution and save you money.

Much has changed in the electrical field over the history of Crofton and Anne Arundel county. Older electrical circuit breaker panels have known issues. Some even lack the functionality of a “main” breaker. Finding this out when it comes time to buy or sell a home or business means failing an inspection.

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Our Crofton electricians know the area and issues personally as we are the “right sized” electrical company, small enough to know you personally, care and bring family values. Also large enough to handle all your issues, projects and timing. Getting things done on time and efficiently brings great value and not only makes for a great electrician but a great company. We carry 3 times the insurance required, licensed, bonded, polite and professional electricians for Crofton and Anne Arundel county.

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