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With decades of combined experience our Crofton electricians have solved many issues with laundry and utility rooms.  Many times the electrical project is needed when remodeling or finishing a basement.  Moving the existing washer, dryer, water heater or electric circuits for a basement bathroom calls for an experienced electrician.

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Trying to save a few dollars with DIY electrical projects can be dangerous, a fire hazard and can even effect insurance coverage.  Nobody wants a home fire.  Even worse nobody wants to find out that the fire was started by faulty wiring.  When an unlicensed worker or homeowner changes the electrical system insurance can be voided.  It is a small cost to have a professional electrician to make your project a success.  Often there is a real savings with an experience Crofton Electrician.  Industry connections and knowing what it takes to stay safe, pass inspections and be efficient, comes with a good electrician.

Crofton Laundry Room Electricians

Laundry rooms aren’t always in the basement of Crofton homes.  Our electricians are familiar with the laundry room being on other floors with the many townhomes and condos in Crofton, MD 21114.  We can help with those tight spaces and can help to recommend the proper fit for the space and existing wiring.  If the wiring needs changed we can help with our services based on our 5/5 star reviews and award winning service.

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Crofton Electrician for Lighting Laundry and Utility Rooms

Utility rooms and laundry rooms are often in the basement and this can means poor lighting.  Adding a few lights can change the efficiency of a laundry or utility room.  Being able to see well when working on the house chores is a real help.  Ask about our industry connections to find the right lighting, ceiling fans and outlets to make your basement remodel, laundry or utility space more friendly.

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