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Our Crofton electricians offer free estimates on electrical projects all across AA county Maryland. This week we explore the estimates and jobs for garage updates / remodel / renovations / additions. No matter what word you use to describe your garage home improvements we can help with stellar service. Common electrical update for Crofton electricians in garages include; special equipment outlets like, 220V, 50A outlets and EV (electric vehicle) charging needs.

Crofton Electricians Review Garage remodel

Electricians in Crofton also installed garage switches, wiring circuits, lighting and updates to the electrical panel this week. A garage or “Man Cave” can often benefit from a little electrical remodel. Being able to charge the EV (electrical vehicle, tesla or other auto maker) at home is a needed feature for many garages in Crofton. With more people driving electric vehicles it has become quite the convenience. In rare cases people choose to update their home looking towards the future needs of electric vehicles. Being able to sell a home with an EV is a nice feature to provide. Other choose to have an EV charger installed when close family members live at home or visit often.

Crofton Electricians for Garage Remodel

Garage remodels can also include Crofton electricians installing monitors, home security systems and TVs / home theaters. Being able to watch tutorials on car repairs, or whatever your garage is designed to serve is a nice addition. Smart TVs with the ability to “cast” from phones / tablets / ipads make it nice as well. Our electricians know first hand as we have our own garage space with an eye towards our own hobbies and interests. Whether you enjoy working on cars, woodworking or simply creating a man cave from the garage space our Crofton experts can help.

GFCI Outlets and switches installed, repaired and updated. When water and outlet come close together GFCI outlets are a good decision. Updating a garage can often mean that utility sinks are installed.

GFCI Outlets switches Crofton Electricians


Garage Electrical Panel – Crofton Electricians

When garages are large enough they often include their own electrical panel. Detached garages or serious remodel / renovation / additions often benefit from a new electrical panel. Keeping circuits from “tripping / blowing” with the proper size can make all the difference in a garage being “ok” or excellent. Nobody wants to have to balance what outlets can be used at the same time to get a project done. Everyone wants a properly designed and installed electrical system. It’s quite impressive to have “everything” running at the same time and nothing fail. Being able to have nice overhead and specialty lighting running the same time you are working on a project with multiple tools and equipment running with multiple people all at the same time is a real powerful feeling.¬† Having the right electrical panel installed by the “right” Crofton electrician is a path to success.

Electrical Panel Update Crofton Electricians

Our Crofton electricians know the process for design, permits, install and inspection to have your garage renovation / remodel / addition go smoothly. Give us a call and learn about our electricians experience, free estimates, personal and professional services for your electrical needs in Crofton and all across AA county Maryland.

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