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We enjoy electrical projects all across Anne Arundel and Prince Georges County. This week we focus on projects as Electricians in Crofton, Bowie and Saint Margarets. Rewarding service, working with interesting people and businesses to help keep people a little safer and more functional with electrical repairs and installations. Summer projects and businesses expanding means exciting times and upgrades for people homes and business offices. Some of those offices are in homes and others in commercial buildings. If you are looking to expand we can help with electrician services in Bowie, Crofton, Saint Margarets and just about all of central Maryland.

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The heat has eased up just a little this week and home improvement projects are moving along nicely. Our Electricians in Crofton are helping with Basements. They are a great place to hang out and enjoy friends and family with a little cooler temperatures. Many people will buy a home and the basement is not finished yet. Another benefit of being electricians in Crofton is to see the excitement of a family as they increase their home value. Updating a basement into a living, fun space can help with home value and enjoyment of the home. Recessed lighting in many basements is a good choice because ceilings are lower and space is at a premium. While other basements are taller and can make a great space for a home entertainment center. A few circuits will help to keep from overloading any one electrical circuit and that makes for a more functional basement. Many basement updates include a spaced off room for laundry, furnace or utility and the rest of the space is updated with living space. Our Crofton electricians are ready to help with all your electrical projects, give us a call and experience the advantages of Haramis Electric.

Electricians in Bowie

The week we’re especially thankful for the 5 star reviews which have been written. It’s a great feeling when you know you’ve done a great job and helped someone with excellent service. Electricians in Bowie updating older homes the outdoor lights around the entry way are often the first thing to do. We can help with all your lighting inside and out. Outdoor lighting make a first impression when people come to your door. It welcomes friends and family while warning unwanted guests. Our Bowie electricians also get to light the way for people to walk up to the house, which increases safety. Being able to see clearly means less tripping hazards. Bowie is a mixed area with some spots being quite dense with houses and others backing up to wooded areas. Those wooded areas allow for animals to “snoop” around a house and get into things. Experienced Bowie electricians know the motion sensor lighting can help to ward off some of those animals. While the other animals might stick around, the motion sensor lighting alerts you that something is in the area. We’re ready to help with all your electrical projects, give our 5 star review earning electricians a call and get started today.

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Electricians in Saint Margarets

NEST installing electrician in Saint Margarets. NEST has an exciting line of electrical products. We’re approved to install NEST products and can help to make your new features come to life. Being a little safer, a little more convenient and up to date can make life around your home more enjoyable. If you are looking for a NEST approved electricians / installer in AA or PG county give us a call to learn more.
Outdoor circuits for lights, outlets and home generators have filled a lot of this summer’s interest. People want to make the most of their property and investment and we can help with decades of combined experience. Making the best investment in a home to upgrade can be a tough thing. We’re ready to help. Converting aluminum to copper wiring and circuit panel upgrades are often the top investments to make your home more electrically safe. However, lighting a simple update that can make a large impact with a small investment. If you have any needs of electricians in Saint Margarets give us a call and we’ll help with personal and professional electrical service to make your home a little safer and increase its value.

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