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We service Central Maryland with trusted electrical contracting.  This blog we focus on two towns, Crofton and Bowie Maryland as an electrician.  Today’s weather is surprisingly warm for February in Maryland.  It has people thinking about opening windows and the spring that is soon to come.  Soon Ceiling fans will be turned on. Some are used even in the winter months to help move hot air down from high ceiling rooms, like “great rooms.”

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Saving money with Ceiling, Attic, Whole House Fans – Electrician

An experienced electrician can help save money on monthly utility bills.  When you can keep the Furnace from running and keep from having to turn on the Air Conditioning for a weeks or even a month you save.  Sometimes it’s a kitchen, bedroom or office that needs to have a little air moving to keep it comfortable.

Electriican for Crofton Bowie Kitchen


With winter coming to an end and spring beginning this is a great time to have fans installed.  Don’t wait for the summer rush to have a fan installed.  Save money and time being prepared and ready to save money.  Give us a call to get on the schedule for Ceiling, Attic and Whole house fans with a trusted electrician in Crofton and Bowie Maryland.


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