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Our Crofton electricians provide electrical solutions throughout Anne Arundel County. This week we will cover a few common repairs, replacements and installs. Many people in our local areas of Crofton, Annapolis and Severna Park are investing in their homes. Some are expanding the home garage, others are putting on additions, still others are renovating existing spaces. Check our reviews across the net, like our 90+ reviews on google, all of which are 5/5 stars.

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Crofton Electricians 50Amp Outlets / Receptacles

A common electrical upgrade when putting on an addition, renovation or simply improving the garage is a “larger” Amp outlet for specialty equipment. In many cases the common 15 or 20 amp outlets that come installed in a typical garage is all that is needed. However as time passes and hobbies increase a 30 or 50-amp outlet may be needed. We can help.

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Maybe your garage, addition, “she shed” or “man cave” needs to run equipment like an air conditioner, welder, electric water heater, lift, microwave, coffee maker, electric skillet, hair dryer, space heaters or toaster. If you are looking to create a wood shop for fun or starting a business our Crofton electricians can help with the electrical updates needed for your dream shop of lathe, mill, routers, planers, table saws, sanders, drills and the wide range of hand held power tools.

Electricians 50 Amp Service Crofton 21114

We know these needs and the safe process for installing these because we are the local Crofton / AA County electricians. Our families have grown and changed too. As hobbies and interests change so do the needs of your electrical system.

We also work with many small business and commercial property owners. Our Crofton electricians help with local restaurants and offices where prompt electrical service with high quality and great value is needed. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen or single outlet Haramis electricians are the trusted ones to call.

Crofton Electricians Breaker Box – Circuit Breaker Panel

Breaker Box Fuse Circuit Panel Electricians Crofton 21114

No matter your make and model, or what you prefer to call your “breaker box” or “Circuit Breaker Panel” our experienced Crofton electricians can keep you safe. As time goes and needs change you may need service or an upgrade to electrical circuit breaker panel. One of the less common but still occasionally needed is the fix for Aluminum to Copper wiring updates. Older “fuses” are being replace with breakers to keep us all a bit safer and saving money.

No matter your safety concern or electrical need give our personal, professional, polite Crofton electricians a call for your electrical needs throughout AA County Maryland.


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