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We service Anne Arundel county and this week our Crofton electricians focus on projects from the 21114 zip code.  This time of year we receive less sunlight so lighting projects are common. Keeping a well lit house or business can help to improve the mood and productivity. As trusted Crofton electricians we have the industry connections to install amazing lighting in homes and businesses. If you would like an update to the style or fashion of your lighting we can help. This is also a great time of year to repair or replace broken lighting or wiring.  You don’t have to take our word for our great service check our 5/5 star reviews.

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Fluorescent lighting in Crofton

Cold can effect old lighting, especially fluorescent lighting. If you have this type of lighting you may notice in the colder months that these do not perform very well. Fluorescent ballasts come in two different types, magnetic and electric. Magnetic ballasts have tough time below 50 degrees while electric ballasts can keep things running down to freezing temps. However many are choosing to replace fluorescent lighting with more efficient choices like LED lighting.

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LED Lighting Crofton Electricians

LED lighting is gaining in popularity and LED replacements are common requests. Our Crofton electricians help with replacing older, less efficient lighting with newer LED lighting solution to have homes and business money in the long run. LED lights have many benefits, like lasting longer, performing better in colder conditions and lower operating costs.

Older LED lighting technology had issues with heat. In Crofton’s hottest days or summer it was possible over heat a LED light. This happened most commonly in contained areas.  LED manufactures first tried to remedy this issue with putting small fans into the fixture itself.  However, this become more trouble than a good innovation. Soon came along the LED improvement of a “heat sink.”  This has been a good solution for LED lighting, it extends the operating range to include most all of Crofton’s conditions. If you are thinking of changing your lighting system be sure that your Crofton electrician is knowledgeable about the finer details of LED lighting. You want the best long terms solution and highest value, not a cheap entry cost and a system that fails and needs replacement too soon.

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We can help with all your lighting needs in Crofton and throughout AA county. Give us a call for a free estimate and learn more about your existing lighting be it; Fluorescent, Incandescent, Light-emitting diode (LED) or other common requests or needs like motion sensor.

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With the many types of bulbs, circuits, fixtures and styles lighting choices can be overwhelming. Our Trusted Crofton electricians can help with all your lighting repair and replacements in the 21114 zip code.

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