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As electricians serving all across Anne Arundel County we see a rise in home improvement projects. This week we focus on electrical projects in Crofton. Cold weather is here and that means more time inside. Combine that with virus concerns and there are a lot of home improvements involving electrical projects. Some look to install hot tubs to combat the cold and lack of daylight. Closely related is a new tub for inside the home.  Bathroom remodeling with a trusted Crofton Electrician can make projects go smoothly.  Ask about our Free Estimates and 5/5 star reviews.

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Being easy to work with, focused on safety and high value is a great way to have a home improvement project go right from beginning to end.  Bathroom remodeling can be very different from one project to another.

Fans in the ceiling, lighting above sinks and wall lights above areas for great vision around mirrors can make a dramatic difference.  Outlets and switches put in the right place for the homeowners specific needs can make getting ready to go out a little more enjoyable.  Not having enough outlets can be time consuming.  Even worse is an old home with circuits which are not able to handle the electrical load of the common needs. Blowing a circuit breaker and having to “find the fuse box” and reset the breaker is time consuming, annoying and can ruin the morning when in a rush.

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Being local electricians we know this first hand with our own families. With more people staying home, investing in your home makes a lot of sense for a lot of people.  Mud rooms, entryways, circuits for space heaters, motion detectors and basement remodeling are all common electrical projects for the cold winter months.

We can help with all your Crofton electrician needs.  Both residential and commercial electrical projects can make life more enjoyable. Having won awards and contracts with builders and special projects we can bring that expertise to your project.

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