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The temperatures are rising and our Electricians in Bowie, MD are helping by installing ceiling fans.  Both residential and commercial spaces are benefiting from the moving air.  You might save quite a few weeks of air conditioning bills with a ceiling fan.  You can feel the air moving and that will help to feel cooler.  You’ll also keep air circulating to even out the temps.  Fans also help when windows are open and the cool air outside needs to be circulated in and out of the house.  Cool nights can go a long way in bringing down the temps, then closing windows up during the heat of the day.

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Ceiling fan Safety, Electricians in Bowie, MD

Safety is the most important part about choosing an electrician to install your ceiling fan or fan and light combo.  Following code may not be your first concern, but a fire, a wobbling fan, or voiding your home insurance is not worth the worry.  We’ve helped many home and businesses to stay a little cooler, and see with more light by installing ceiling fans.  It’s a nice selling feature when you go to sell your home or get insurance quotes and you can tell them that everything has been done by a licensed electrician.  Nobody wants to have a last minute snafu when it comes to selling or buying a home.   Ceiling fans that have a “scary wobble” are sure to throw people off during a gathering or during a home inspection.  There are many factors to the safety of installing a ceiling fan and we can provide the experience of a professional, licensed electrician in Bowie, MD.

Ceiling fan and Light Combo in Bowie

There are a lot of options and choices for ceiling fans today.  With the relatively low cost of ceiling fans compared to how long they last and can save money on utility bills it makes sense to see all the options and choose one that really makes sense.  For a business it may be important to be able to rapidly move the air and cool an area so that people can work in a nicer environment at specific times of the day.  While in a more standard setting it might be more important to select a fan and light that fits the decor.

Electricians Bowie Ceiling Fan Installation

Electricians in Bowie for Ceiling light and fan Remotes and Timers

With new technology like remotes and timers ceiling fans are being installed in new places by our electricians for Bowie, MD.  What used to be a pull cord or switch on the wall for high ceilings now has the option of a remote control or timer.  It’s nice in the bedroom and high ceilings to be able to reliably control the lights and fan.  Last thing at night before bed, it’s convenient to bush a button and go to sleep without having to get up and turn off the switch on the wall or pull the cord overhead.

We’re ready to help with all your electrician needs in Bowie, Maryland.  We can bring our decades of combined experience to help find what you need and take the time to listen and find the right long term solution. Ready for an electrician in Bowie to help with your home improvements?  All your electrical needs for the home, business and commercial projects can be entrusted to us.  Give us a call for a Free Estimate today.  Get the ceiling fan spinning, the lights on and the utility bills lower. 410-451-0200


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