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If you are looking for an electrician in Bowie, MD to help finish your basement remodel then give us a call.  We’ve helped many and can help with your project too.  Staying on schedule and on budget is important to us as well.  We know the strength of keeping a great reputation with 5 star reviews and awards won.  Doing great work as an electrician in Bowie includes making things work 100%.  Bring high value to every repair, install or replacement is built into every project.  We know when you are treated well you will tell others about honest and open electricians.

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Bowie basements can be remodeled in many cases without a tremendous amount of work or cost.  Many of the steps a homeowner can handle themselves.  However, one of the very important parts of a basement remodel or “finish” that shouldn’t be done without a professional is the electric, wiring, outlets, lights and circuits.  Keeping within building codes and keeping your insurance policy in place is important to keeping your home investment.  Nobody wants a case where your house is no longer covered by your insurance.  Having a licensed, professional electrician in Bowie can not only keep you safe but it can also save money.  Our electrical industry connections allows us to provide the higher value for electrical projects like basement remodel and basement finishing.

Common requests for Electricians basement remodels are lighting for setting the mood of the room, outlets for entertainment centers, tvs, computers, charging and internet.  Occasionally it is more involved like moving appliances like washers, dryers and even HVAC units.  When investing in your home and adding value it’s important to make sure it’s safe and done right.  When you hand your home down to your children or sell it and need to pass inspection you want the peace of mind that things are safe and will last.  Making a good investment is important to us also.

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We can bring our electrical experience to all your home improvement or remodeling projects.  Our experience can help to make a space more functional and great looking.  Knowing the right time and place to use recessed lighting versus pendant or decorative chandeliers, ceiling, wall lighting, and LED.  Talk to us about the advantages and save you money with a great looking basement finished remodeling project by trusted electricians in Bowie MD.

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